The Benefits of Going Green with Your Taxi Company

The Benefits of Going Green with Your Taxi Company

The taxi industry has gone through many changes in recent years, with the most notable being the introduction of Uber and the subsequent changes to the business model. As the way the industry operates has transformed, customers have come to expect different things from a cab company. This includes apps, greater connectivity and more convenient services.

But now it would seem that consumers are asking for something more: green and environmentally friendly taxis.

This may come as little surprise because research has shown that consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. In particular, millennials are choosing greener brands. This trend of ethical and sustainable shopping has now begun to expand into other areas, including cabs.

If you are yet to be convinced, here are the benefits of going greener with your taxi company.

Save Money on New Taxis

Buying new vehicles to add to your taxi fleet is expensive. You may think that going green could cost more but in fact, greener options could actually mean big savings.

This is because in addition to no fuel expenses and cheap recharging costs, the government are also offering a money-back scheme on brand new electric and hybrid vehicles. Known as the plug-in car grant, this scheme covers a maximum 35% of the vehicle’s price, up to the value of £4,500. You can find a full list of the cars included here, to make sure you purchase an eligible vehicle.

Reduction in Tax

Another perk of choosing environmentally friendly vehicles is lower carbon emissions. As well as being better for the environment, having lower CO2 cars means a reduction in tax. For personal use, this would mean lower yearly road tax, but for businesses, there are further tax perks. This includes corporation tax relief, which could help to significantly lower company tax bills.

Lots of Choice

You may think that if you choose to make your taxi fleet more environmentally friendly, you may be limited in terms of available cars. However, this is not the case. This is because as electric and hybrid vehicles have become increasingly popular, more manufacturers have started to produce green vehicles, driving down price and increasing model options.

Which means that there is a wide selection of eco vehicles available, whether you are looking for a luxury saloon or a black cab.

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Beat Your Competitors

As already mentioned, consumers are increasingly considered with a company’s ethical practices and the environmental impact of their services. This means that by adding green cars to your taxi fleet, you can help your business to stand out from its competitors, which could attract new customers and help to retain existing clientele, benefitting your cab company.

Be Kind to the Environment

Finally – but fundamentally – if for no other reason, choosing greener vehicles allows you to help the environment. While it is important to attract customers and make a healthy profit, showing that your company cares about the world and highlighting your business as ethically conscious is important, too.

These five benefits of going green are a compelling argument, particularly because all of these could help to make your company more appealing to costumers – something that is important in the competitive taxi market.

If you are considering making the move with your taxi company, invest in electric and eco cabs from a specialist.

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