The Benefits of Holistic Approaches to Healthcare

The Benefits of Holistic Approaches to Healthcare

Going to the hospital, doctor or dentist is the last thing anyone wants to do. You can often feel like a clinical, impersonal approach is taken to your medical problems, and that your emotional and psychological needs are disregarded.

This is why you might consider looking into holistic healthcare.

Holistic practitioners are often fully trained and qualified doctors. They practice with the idea that treating your ailment is a full body, mind and soul issue.

For instance, a holistic dentist knows that an infected tooth is a problem not just confined to your mouth but can affect your bloodstream and your stress levels.

Holistic (or ‘wholistic’) healthcare is concerned with treating you as a whole person – not just your medical problem.

If you feel like all your needs are not being met when you visit your regular medical facility, read on to see how holistic practices could improve your healthcare experience.

A Gentler Approach to Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is also known as biological or natural dentistry.

The main difference from normal dentistry is that holistic dentists are committed to finding safer, more natural ways of treating oral health problems. They view the mouth as the gateway to the body.

Holistic dentists use metal tools or drilling only in the most severe cases, and are committed to finding the least invasive treatment for your problems. They know that scarring and trauma to the flesh is caused when using harsh metal tools, so try to avoid this where possible.

They also use more natural methods of treatment, which require less painkilling drugs and anesthetic. Ultimately, better for the patients’ overall health.

If you are ever reluctant to go to the dentist because of the harsh, painful treatments you’ve received before, try a holistic dentist. They work by listening to you and your needs for a much more pleasant experience.

Ease Your Pain with a Chiropractor

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Do you suffer from back pain? Many of us do.

If you go to a doctor with back complaints you may be referred to a chiropractor.

These practitioners work to relieve your muscle pain and realign your bones. So that your back, neck and posture are all sitting where they should be. Often, misaligned bones are what is causing muscles to work harder to support the skeleton, therefore causing aches and pains.

Chiropractors follow holistic practices and often use massage to relieve muscle tension and ensure bones are in their correct positions. Contact your local chiropractor and see how their services can improve your whole-body health today.

Podiatry: A Healthy Body from the Ground Up

Your feet support the weight of your entire body, so looking after them is vital to maintaining your wellness. A trained podiatrist can even spot health problems in other parts of the body by inspecting your feet.

Go to a podiatrist to get advice on the correct footwear and how to support all the arches in your feet.

Foot problems can affect your mobility and quality of life. So it’s important to see a podiatrist at least once per year. Even just for removal of built-up skin on the heels and to check you’re looking after your feet properly.

Pinpoint Your Problem with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine, and a well-known holistic practice. It involves inserting thin needles into specific parts of the body to target and relieve pain. It is a respected medical medium, and practices can be found in many hospitals, hospices and pain clinics.

Acupuncture stems from the belief that ‘meridians’ allow ‘qi’ (our life-force) to flow around our bodies. But sometimes this flow is interrupted by pain or illness. Acupuncture needles are inserted to clear the blockage and restore health.

Acupuncture has been found to successfully treat illnesses such as tension headaches, migraines, chronic neck pain, joint pain, and dental pain. If you suffer from headaches or chronic pain, acupuncture could provide a solution.

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