Power to the Ladies: Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Power to the Ladies: Benefits of Strength Training for Women

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There is nothing quite like feeling your muscles and tendons work together to lift a heavy.

There is power and independence in strength. As women, we possess more power than we think.

Strength training does so much more than simply build muscle. It instills confidence.

Don’t be intimidated by the free weights section of the gym. If you can have babies, run a household or business and do all the other amazing things you accomplish every day, then you can handle weight training.

There are a lot of myths behind weight lifting that scare us ladies away.

Lifting weights will make you bulky. It’s bad for your joints. The muscle you build will turn to fat if you ever stop lifting.

These myths feed into stereotypes that just aren’t true. Weight lifting helps to strengthen your body and leads to a healthier you.

It is time to start incorporating strength training into your fitness regime.

The Benefits of Strength Training for Women

There are many benefits of strength training that are regularly overlooked.

By adding two 15-to-20 minute weight training sessions a week to your schedule, you can positively affect resting heart rate, insulin resistance, blood pressure and body fat.

Here are some other benefits of weight training for women.

1. Fat loss.

Weight training is a more effective way to burn fat than cardiovascular exercise.

Strength training helps burn calories during and after training. After a heavy session of lifting, your body continues consuming more oxygen for hours and even days. This increases metabolism and burns calories.

2. Efficiency.

As you gain strength and lean muscle, your body becomes more efficient at using calories. More muscle contractions lead to more calories burned. More lean muscle means more muscle contractions.

3. Curves.

By building muscles, your body takes on its natural shape. That means your beautiful curves become accentuated.

Endurance exercises can cause you to lose both fat and muscles which reduce curves. Strength training brings your figure back. It also does a lot for your posture.

4. Energy.

Lifting weights increases energy.

A quick lifting session can help give you the energy to finish out your day without that afternoon caffeine pick-me- up.

5. Sleep.

After a day of strength training, your quality of sleep goes up. Studies suggest that resistance training can lead to a deeper and more restful sleep.

Taking it to the Next Level

6 Ways Exercise Helps You Improve The Quality of Your Life

Once you awaken to all the wonderful benefits to lifting weights, you just might get addicted. After a while, you will want to step up your game and take your training to the next level.

1. Fuel.

Make sure you are fueling your body. If you are having trouble get the calories and healthy nutrients you need, consider adding supplements to your diet.

2. Variance.

Don’t hit the gym with the same routine every day and every week. Mix things up.

Try new exercises. Try new combinations. This has the added benefit of making your lift days more fun.

3. Negative movement.

Don’t just focus on the concentric phase or positive part of the movement. Studies show that the eccentric or negative phase of movement is just as important.

4. Breaks.

Your body needs to rest. If you are hitting the gym hard and frustrated that you are not seeing results, you might need to take a break.

You might be surprised what a few days off can do.

5. Tools.

Apps and tools like a 1 rep max calculator can help you keep track of your progress and goals. Technology helps you know what areas need to have added focus and what areas could use a break.


When dealing with heavy weights it is important to stay safe.

Staying safe means you can continue to have effective workouts in the future. Always warm up and cool down for five to ten minutes before and after a workout.

Form should take precedence over weight. If your form is incorrect with light weight, you could really hurt yourself as you start added pounds or upping your resistance.

Make sure to breathe through your lifts.

Choose a weight that is right for you. You want to continually challenge yourself but still be able to practice good form.

Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you are condemned to the cardio and yoga sections of the gym. Strength training increases health and makes you stronger and better able to perform everyday tasks.

You can successfully get all the groceries in the house in one trip with a little weight lifting on the side. Take your training to the next level, but stay safe while doing it.

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