8 Best Boating Holiday Locations Around The World

Many have dreams of vacations where the sea air is all-encompassing and the spray of the ocean hits the skin. 

Here are 8 of the best destinations around the world to enjoy the scenic beauty of a sailing escape.

1. The ‘Spice Islands’

The Grenadines are an island chain of thirty-two islands that are scattered across sixty miles in the southern Caribbean.  This West Indies locale offers vivid landscapes, plentiful marine life, interesting culture and friendly people, and an ideal spot for sailing. 

It is so ideal because the crowds are few and far between.  The island of Bequia is a particular favorite for its beauty and the plentiful options that Port Elizabeth can offer in terms of charter or sailing selections.

2. Croatia

Now known as the “New Riviera”, this spot is becoming a must-see destination on the Adriatic Sea. 

The sun is almost always out and the waters are extremely tranquil.  There are over 1,185 islands to explore over more than 1,100 miles of coastline. 

Croatia has beautiful beaches, charming towns and lush greenery to offer.  The island of Hvar is very popular with yachtsmen and has many hidden coves and fishing villages to explore.

3. Catalina Island

Located southwest of Los Angeles, California, Catalina is known as a boater’s paradise. 

Sailors and divers alike love that the island is so close to the mainland yet has a feeling of being in another world.  The waters are clear and filled with a variety of marine life, a plane wreck and sunken ships. 

Glass bottom boat tours are available, as well as chartered yachts and ocean rafting.  The big scene for the boating community is at Two Harbors, a charming little village that has anchorages and moorings.

4. Galapagos Islands

This Ecuadorian hot spot is famous in the eastern Pacific Ocean.  The rare wildlife, such as blue-footed boobies to sea lions to giant tortoises, draws people from around the world.  Expedition cruising is the best way to go in the Galapagos, as the demand for berths is high. 

Cruising here will allow the best way to see the nineteen islands and enjoy snorkeling and sailing around the volcanic archipelago. 

5. Sydney Harbor

The beauty of Sydney’s cityscape makes the harbor a great destination for boaters from around the world.  One of the best ways to see the beauty of the city from the port is to take a luxury catamaran, boat or yacht out on the harbor. 

With a boat in Sydney, cruisers will be able to see Fort Denison, The Sydney Opera House and Bridge, Shark Island, and Rose Bay.  Stops on these chartered cruises also take in the beautiful beaches in the area.

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6. Newport

This Rhode Island yachting mecca is one of the most premiere in America.  In fact, it is known as the “Sailing Capital of the World.” 

Boaters from all over the world come to see the gorgeous beaches mixed with the charm of New England.  One of the best beaches is Third Beach Newport.  This is the best for sailing and ease of launching.

7. French Polynesia

Five groups of islands make up French Polynesia, which includes Tahiti.  The islands have many things to offer including volcanic peaks, waterfalls, lush vegetation, stunning lagoons, exotic marine life, and traditional culture. 

The islands stretch over an area about the same size as all of Western Europe.  Raiatea is a great starting point for a sailing adventure. Here Tahiti, as well as the Society Islands and Bora Bora, can be discovered.

8. Zanzibar

In the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar offers a step back in time.  Boaters can discover the ancient kingdoms of Persia as well as what was once a huge trading post for the Arab world. 

Buying exotic spices and coffee are a must when traveling here.  Sailing through the turquoise waters that surround Zanzibar offers many picturesque beaches.  Cruising on traditional Arabic sailing vessels, known as a dhow is the way to go to explore the beauty of the area.

Many have dreams of vacations where the sea air is all-encompassing and the spray of the ocean hits the skin. Here are 8 of the best destinations around the world to enjoy the scenic beauty of a sailing escape.