Where to Find The Best Interior Designers in Pune from UrbanClap 64

Where to Find The Best Interior Designers in Pune from UrbanClap

The following article is a guest post.

Radhika and I are living together since we got into college. We were in love and we decided to cut down the theory that long distances keeps the bond strong as it was tough for both of us to live without each other. So she decided to be with me from the same time.

Her perspective and theory of visualizing the relations were a bit different from mine. She cared least about what people are saying and what others will think. She was more careful to the things which mattered to me and that became the best quality in her.

After completing our studies, both of us got placed into the same company and that too in the same city. We again got the chance to be together and this time we were having beautiful dreams for our dream house.

Radhika always told me that she wants everything well designed and well planned in her house. As a student I was unable to fulfill her wishes. But now since I was employed, it was my full duty to make her happy with whatever she wanted.

After living in our respective PGs which were allotted by our company for 6 months, it was the time when we had to shift together. I was busy planning the interiors of our house, but it was very difficult for me to do it all alone. I needed someone who could have helped me at that time and he had to be a professional too. So, it was a high time to get the best among all the interior designers in Pune, so that I can bring the best surprise to my love.

I was very new to Pune and I hardly had any contacts that could have helped me finalizing the interiors. On the other hand, I didn’t have much time to waste my time visiting and talking to different Interior Designers in Pune. Had it be Mumbai, the task could have been an easier one.

I tried asking few of my colleagues too. But all of them were from different geographical locations and they too were unaware of any such professional.

UrbanClap Has The Best Professionals

I started my search with getting a number of contact details from various online directories and advertisement websites. Getting contact details from there was easy but contacting the professionals was seriously the most hectic task. I was fed up hearing the switch off and not reachable disclaimers on almost every number I called.

If fortunately, I got to talk with the person; I was not satisfied with him and his services. The prices were too high according to the services they were offering. I was fed up with all these and I thought of calling Radhika to seek her help in finding the best Interior Designers in Pune. But that was really not a good idea and I soon dropped the idea of calling her.

I was sitting in my room all frustrated and was streaming through the videos whose links were sent by Radhika. They were all romantic and soothing songs. Her gestures make me love her more. When I clicked on one link, an ad was streamed just before the song it played.  I again clicked on the link to watch the ad once again.

The ad was of an online application which was created to bridge the vast gap between the service seekers and the service providers. The application was named UrbanClap and it was available on the Google Play Store on the android smartphones.

I didn’t have any time to give a second thought to UrbanClap as there was less time with me to plan and design everything according to my love. I took out my phone, opened the play store and searched for the same application. The ratings of the application were quite good and brought a sigh of relief on my face that I was not going to be in trouble anymore.

I clicked on the download button and it took no time to get the application downloaded on my android device. The application was installed and I opened the application to find the right professional for me. It required few of my details to get me registered on the platform. I took another few minutes to input those details and soon I was registered on the UrbanClap app.

The user interface of UrbanClap is very user-friendly. Anybody, even the people who are not so much tech savvy can also use the app without any problem.

How to find the best Professional in town from UrbanClap?

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As soon as I was registered on the app, I entered what I was looking for and in which city. It just took a few seconds to bring me a whole list of the interior designers in Pune.

I was again confused about getting the right professional from such a long list, but suddenly something strike my mind. What do we do, when we have to shop anything online? Most of us compare the ratings and the reviews, I also did the same. I gave good time reading and verifying the reviews they got from their previous clients. I too compared the ratings they received and ended up short listing few of the professionals.

I sent personal messages to the shortlisted professionals asking for their price quotes.

Soon I started receiving their emails with their price quotes and their portfolios. The portfolios were very much helpful to me in deciding the right person.

After a lot of brainstorming, I finalized over a professional whose portfolio was best among the others and the prices were pocket friendly too. I then called him to come for a face to face meeting as soon as possible.

He was ready to come for a meeting the same day. I felt a bit relaxed and happy as my surprise planning was going to get implemented.

The person came just at time and we discussed everything which would be able to bring a smile over my beloved’s face.

Why UrbanClap?

You must try the UrbanClap if you are indeed looking for some quality services. They are the best at serving their clients with the best service providers.

As promised by the person, my home became a paradise with the help of him and his whole team. When I entered the house with Radhika, she was unable to blink her eyes. She hugged me and said that I was the best person in her life. I felt her happiness running down her eyes in the form of precious tears.

Mr. Sunil Gerewal and his whole team from “Valencia Interiors” proved to be the best among all the Interior Designers in Pune, I came across. I am really thankful to the whole team of “Valencia Interiors” for bringing such a charm to my house and beloved.

They are highly recommended by me to anyone planning to design the interiors of one’s house. I am also thankful to the team of UrbanClap who are doing such a kind job of bringing the service seekers and service providers on the same platform.

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Why Remote Work Is on The Rise (+ Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs) 144

Why Remote Work Is on The Rise (+ Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs)

If it seems like more of the people you know are working from home, even occasionally, you’re correct. Remote work, also called telecommuting, working from home, and virtual work, is on the rise in the U.S. and around the world.

According to the “2017 State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce” report, remote work exceeds public transportation as the commute option of choice in more than half of the top U.S. metro areas. And remote work has grown far faster than any other commute mode. As of 2017, 43% of U.S. workers now work remotely at least occasionally, up from only, at the most, 9% of workers in 2007.

Why Remote Work Is on the Rise

Several trends over the last 10 years have pushed remote work forward. And within the last several years, it’s gone from being seen as a “nice-to-have” perk for professionals to being thought of as a standard way of working for millions of people.

Those trends include:

  • The rise of the knowledge economy and jobs that are done primarily with computers, phones, and other Internet-connected devices.
  • The increasing availability of high-speed Internet, allowing people to work from anywhere.
  • The growth of millennials in the workplace, and specifically into management roles where they have more control over when, where, and how both they and their teams are working.
  • An increasing number of companies willing to discuss the benefits of their remote work programs.

Where Remote Work Thrives: Companies, Career Fields, and States

That last trend—companies discussing the benefits of remote work—is seen in the annual list of the “100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs,” compiled by the online remote and flexible job service FlexJobs.

In 2018, well-known companies like UnitedHealth Group, Dell, Hilton, Xerox, JPMorgan Chase, Williams-Sonoma, Humana, and dozens of other companies have been recognized for their commitment to remote work.

According to the jobs posted by these companies in 2017, the top career fields for remote work are medical and health, computer and IT, education and training, sales, customer service, accounting and finance, and travel and hospitality.

Along with pinpointing which companies offered the most remote jobs over the last year, FlexJobs has also analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau to find out which U.S. states have the most remote workers.

Of note in the top 10 states, whose rankings changed little since 2013, New Hampshire moved up from number 8 to number 5 because of an almost 13% increase in telecommuting. Outside of the top 10 states, Wyoming had the largest increase in telecommuting in the last three years, with almost 30% more telecommuters in 2016 than 2013, which moved the state from 38 on the list to 19.

Rhode Island experienced a 19.4% increase in telecommuting, and other locations with fast-growing telecommuting populations include the District of Columbia (up 18.2%), Delaware (up 16.2%), Alabama (up 16%), Mississippi (up 15.8%), and Arkansas (up 14.3%).

Finding Your Own Remote Job

If remote work isn’t in the works at your current place of employment, the good news is that the remote job market is much like the overall job market: it’s offering a lot of opportunity.

Here are some quick tips to start your own search for a remote job:

Use the right keywords to search job websites and search engines.

In searching for remote jobs online, you’re going to find a lot of scams.

If you want to work from home, use keywords like “telecommute job,” “remote job,” “distributed team,” and “virtual job.” Avoid phrases that scammers use, specifically “work from home” and “work at home.”

Update your resume and online profiles to include skills and tools related to remote work.

Write about your remote job-friendly skills, such as working independently, time management, written and verbal communication skills, troubleshooting technical issues, and being proactive with questions and ideas.

Include a list of remote-specific technology you’re familiar with, such as IM programs (Slack, Google Chat), file sharing (Dropbox), document collaboration (Google Drive), video conferencing (join.me, GoToMeeting, Skype), and other remote collaboration tools.

Utilize your network.

Once you start asking, you may be surprised by how many people you know who are working remotely at least part of the time.

Reach out to your professional network to find out who’s already working from home, how they got there, and what their tips are for you to find the same type of work arrangement.

Finally, it’s important to practice being a remote worker, even if you’re not officially “allowed” to work remotely yet. Try doing some work or projects at home outside your regular office hours. If you can’t get to the office because of inclement weather or traffic problems, ask to work remotely.

Use these “practice sessions” as a way to hone your remote work skills and to showcase your productivity and efficiency as a remote worker!

About The Author

This is a guest post by Brie, Senior Career Specialist at FlexJobs.