LRS 098: Life-Changing Lessons from the Bestseller Start With Why, by Simon Sinek

Life-Changing Lessons from the Bestseller Start With Why, by Simon Sinek the let's reach success podcast

Today will be one of those episodes of The Let’s Reach Success podcast where I share insights and practical advice from a cool book, by someone who really knows his stuff. That’s Simon Sinek.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, he’s a bestselling author, marketing guru and a motivational speaker. You’ll love his TED talks too. His main area of expertise is leadership.

Throughout his career, he explores the way leaders inspire trust and change. He discovers patterns in how they act and think, and shares these with the world.

His first book that was a big hit is called Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

There he made people believe in, and work on creating, a life where they feel safe at work, and fulfilled with what they do. He encourages the reader to find the why behind what they do, because each and every one of us has a why. In his words, when you think, act and communicate starting with why, you can inspire others.

That great book was a wake-up call for millions of people. It made them rethink what they do, how and why they do it. And then everyone suddenly wanted the process to actually finding this why for themselves and their team and company.

That’s why Simon Sinek combined forces with Peter Docker and David Mead to give us the action part of taking our business in the right direction, unleashing the leader within, and doing what we do with a purpose. Basically, the book Find Your Why picks up where the previous one left off.

Let’s see what we can learn from it on finding long-term success and fulfillment in our career, and inspiring others around us to do the same.

Lessons from Find Your Why

Show Notes:

  • What successful companies like Apple do differently [2:13]
  • The wrong approach to discovering your Why [4:48]
  • How to help someone else find their Why [7:01]
  • What defining your Why has to do with hiring for fit [9:59]
  • A 7-step process to finding your Why [11:35]


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