How to Do Better and More Work in Less Time [Tips from 40+ World-Class Experts]

How to Do Better and More Work in Less Time [Tips from 40+ World-Class Experts] -

One of the main differences between successful entrepreneurs and those just wishing to have a business and live a better life, is that the former do meaningful work and have enough time in a day to get everything done, but to also do anything else they feel like and find balance.

The latter, however, tend to perceive work as something negative and prefer to avoid it. So far, it has only cost them time and hasn’t given them much return on investment.

They have the wrong mindset. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that these people rarely live up to their potential, become self-employed, find joy in what they do, and become hard-working individuals who are also super effective.

But there are ways to do not only better and meaningful work, but to do more of it in less time.

That’s where productivity skills and time management hacks come in handy.

Over time, we can get better at how we manage the hours we’re given in a day, how focused we are when trying to work on something important, how we react to new, big projects and what steps we take first, how we manage other people, collaborate when working in a team, and eventually – what we get done, how good it is, and how we feel about the work as a result.

These are the things I’ve been improving over the last few years, and it turns our that they are essential for anything else we’re trying to do successfully in life.

Because when you do work that matters, you’ll feel satisfied and peaceful. When you’re productive, you won’t be wasting precious time and will have more of it for yourself. When you double your results, you’ll see progress sooner. And when you know how to prioritize and eliminate distractions, no new project or big to-do list will scare you as you’ll simply get to work on the first items and make sure you complete only the things that are related to your goals, and nothing else.

And because there’s way too much information on this online, it’s worth learning from the experts only.

The experts, in this case, are big names in different industries, owners of multi-billion dollar businesses, artists, managers of thousands of people, and just individuals who are impacting millions of lives, and who’ve been where we’re at now, but have overcome procrastination, doubts and overthinking, and who are now working faster and better than before. Which leads to 10x better work, of course.

And here’s a free resource that’s a collection of more than 30 productivity hacks from such world-class experts and include tips on how to squeeze an hour or more out of your day, how to do your work in half the time and energy.

The ebook is Work Smarter, Not Harder: 30+ Productivity Hacks to Get More and Better Work Done in Less Time

It’s created by David Burkus, a best-selling author, international speaker, associate professor of management at Oral Roberts University.

He specializes in organizational behavior, creativity and innovation, and strategic leadership, and has interviewed hundreds of professionals in these fields over the years.

He now distilled the best productivity secrets, techniques and lessons and turned them into an ebook that he’s giving for free.

Check out the hacks and start doing better and more work in less time.

February sounds like the perfect time to think about the way we work, and do something to do it better.

Now that all the excitement (and disappointment) around new year’s resolutions is gone, we can focus on setting one goal that will change our business and personal life. And if that’s productivity, we’ll have many more benefits than just more time and progress at work.

There will also be the life without distractions, the satisfaction every evening after reviewing our days, the lack of missed deadlines and no more stressing over new tasks and things to do, as we’ll now have a strategy on how to start working on each effectively.

If that sounds like something life-changing to you too, get Work Smarter, Not Harder: 30+ Productivity Hacks to Get More and Better Work Done in Less Time today and for free.

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