Trading is a practice that started a long time ago and has since become part of the daily activities that contributes to the development of a place. We know of many cities and towns around the globe that came to be just as a result of trading, right?

Anyway, due to technology which also keeps on improving all the time, everything seems to be developing along with it too. This has seen trading become elevated to another level with different platforms to facilitate the process.

This article will focus on cryptocurrency trading and today we’ll be looking at the Bitcoin Trader software.

Bitcoin Trader Software

This is basically another investment software for bitcoin traders that is capable of making you a profit of more than $10,000 each day.

If my math doesn’t fail me, this means you can become a millionaire within a few months. Well, using this software is quite easy as it really doesn’t need any experience or qualifications for you to use it.

Also, it seems like using this software to trade reduces your risks by significantly a huge percentage since it is said to have a success rate of more than 95%. Well, in the past, we have seen a lot of such software just popping up and promise to make people huge profits.

Some later turn to be huge scams just aimed at taking the money you’ve worked so hard to get. Anyway, let’s see how the bitcoin trader works.

How The Bitcoin Trader Works

This software promises to make you great profits even without you dropping a sweat. All you have to do is nothing unless watching could count as work.  This should make it one of the best bitcoin trading software available.

The very first step to using this magical software is to download it and that’s it just fund your account and you will be good to go. Remember when I said that you really don’t need any experience to be able to use this software? Yes, you don’t, as it is quite simple to use and it makes all the trades for you.

Funny, but this software can literally give you your financial freedom just within a few days. At least this is according to whoever came up with it. With this simple easy to use software, you should never be worried about ever going broke.

I mean, this software has no end, it can’t stop making you money unless you want it to. This means that it can be used every day, every time without any trading limits thus bringing you daily profits.

Maybe the most interesting thing about this software, is the high success rate. As said before, the software has a 99.4% success rate. This only means that chances of losing is quite minimal or close to none.

This explains the high profits it can get you. Imagine not doing anything at all but your daily profit is more than $10,000? That is really interesting.

But wait, I’m sure you are probably wondering how this is all possible. Well, this software is not just like any other. It uses a very advanced algorithm that is highly and specifically designed to trade for you.

If you are also looking to find a trading software that is much faster compared to any other then this right here is what you are looking for. It even claims to be able to make trade by 0.01 seconds ahead of the market.

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Could this be a scam?

6 Easy Ways to Make Money Without Working

Is this software a scam? Wow! In this world today, it is quite hard to rule anything out or even make a quick judgment about something.

This, therefore, means that it is very much possible for the bitcoin trader to be a scam following a few number of reasons.

It is quite normal that for a business to become successful, people must know about it, right? And how do they make sure this happens?

Of course through marketing and advertisements.

Ask any successful business person about how you can not only reach your targeted customers but keep them too.

You will realize that the secret lies in how you market your product.

Depending on how you use it, marketing is a very powerful business tool that can either destroy or build your business.

Now, back to cryptocurrency trading.

There are a number of things that might get you wondering if this software is real or even if it works as they claim it does.

First, looking at a number of such trading software that later turned out to be a huge scam, they also use the same advertising idea.

You would often see a picture of a young person portrayed to be living a luxurious life and earning huge amount of money as they try to sell you the idea of what your life might turn out to be if you use the software.

You may also see some pictures of other people who look to be so successful having a good time or maybe on a vacation somewhere.

Bitcoin trader also uses the same advertising idea. Another thing that would make you question if the software is truly legit, are the testimonials.

Still, when you look at the past scamming schemes, you will realize that they don’t use original photos.

They usually fill their website with images that can be traced to some other different websites online.

Bitcoin trader also has the same issue. The last part, something that is quite obvious but sometimes doesn’t seem to be that obvious until it is too late, is the massive amount of profits the software can get you.

Who in his rightful mind would come up with such a great money making software and give it to the public absolutely for free? These are just a few points that raises a red flag about this software but hey, you would never know until you find out for yourself, right? You can also see what others are saying on their review by following this link.

The brain behind the software

I bet you have been looking all through this article just to find out who this generous guy is. Anyway, there isn’t any such information concerning the owner of this program but the site only mention someone by the name of Gary Roberts.

It seems like you will have to still dig deeper if you want to find out more about this. The software came out sometimes back in the late 2017 and ever since it has been made available to the public completely free of charge.


Too much money has never been enough money and as my friend would always say, “Until you can’t count all your money, you aren’t rich yet”.

Well, everybody in as much as you don’t always see yourself having so much money or even being counted among the rich, you will still need money to do a couple of things.

Without it, you won’t be able to move efficiently, eat or even maintain a perfect health. This is why people work so hard to get jobs which in turn can help them pay their bills.

If this program turns out to be a scam, then this shows how desperately people are to get money and the length they are willing to go to make that happen. But if it is a true and legit thing then just like that, you can as well say goodbye to being broke.