Blog to Biz System

When I first started my blog Let’s Reach Success, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, how to get people on it, or in what ways I could monetize it.

Some of the mistakes I made over the past 5 years include:

  • I started with a different domain name;
  • I didn’t have a strategy and goals in the beginning;
  • It took me 2 years to switch from to and have a self-hosted site;
  • I was stuck with the wrong hosting provider for 2 more years until I found a company that truly cares about its users and is built for professional WordPress sites (which immediately helped my blog perform better);
  • My content wasn’t long or informative enough;
  • I was afraid to call myself a ‘blogger’ and even try to make a living from my blog;
  • I didn’t show my personality in my blog posts and was terrified of sharing my life story;
  • I started creating products that interest me instead of asking myself what the reader wants to learn more about;
  • My blog was designed poorly;
  • I wasn’t using analytics for a long time so I had no idea about the metrics of my blog.

And so on…

Fast Forward to Now…

Now Let’s Reach Success is my brand, I’m the person behind it and I openly share my story, mistakes and challenges when building an online business and improving myself, the actual numbers of what I earn and spend each month related to blogging, and much more.

Let’s Reach Success gets over 100K monthly visitors, is approached by sponsors all the time and earns me thousands of dollars each month thanks to different monetization strategies I’ve implemented over the last 2 years.

There are 2000 articles in its archives and new content is being published DAILY. It’s turned into a resource informing and inspiring people from all over the world.

There’s more to that. This income has allowed me to leave the 9 to 5, travel to Asia, leave my home country and start a whole new life in my dream destination (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

I’m convinced blogging can do the same for you!

I started making money as a freelance writer and this blog was just a side hustle for me. Now, it’s the foundation of my brand and business and I can’t wait to see more of its earning potential.

Meanwhile, I want to save you years of making blogging mistakes…

I’m about to release the most epic product I’ve ever created – a course consisting of 100,000 words of pure practical information, behind-the-scenes content, and my unique experience, organized in a way that will allow anyone new to blogging to start their own platform, grow it and earn a living from it.

There are over 80 lessons organized in 7 modules, covering all you need to know to start your own blog, make money from it, and avoid the mistakes and not waste years of your life trying to figure out how things work.

Enter Blog to Biz System

financial freedom course

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What’s inside the course?

Blog to Biz System: Class Curriculum


What to Expect from This Course
How Becoming a Blogger Can Change Your Life

Module 1: Your Blogging Strategy

The Obstacles Preventing You from Making Money Online
Building Discipline as a Blogger
Find What You’re Born to Blog About
The ‘Why’ Behind Your Blog That Will Drive You to 5 Figures
How to Choose Your Domain Name
Set Goals for Your Blog
What ‘Laying The Foundation’ Really Means
Create a Blogging Strategy

Module 2: Launch Your Blog

The Tech Side of Blogging Made Easy
Choosing Your Hosting Provider
Register Your Domain Name and Set Up Hosting in 2 Minutes (video)
Installing WordPress (video)
Install Your Free SSL Certificate to Make Your Site Secure
An Introduction to The WordPress Dashboard (video)
Installing Your Theme (video)
Basic WordPress Settings to Configure ASAP
WordPress Updates and The New Editor

Module 3: Create Your Brand

Your Blog is Your Brand
WordPress Customization 101 (video)
Set Up Your Navigation Menu (video)
How to Publish Your First Blog Post (video)
Setting Up Yoast SEO and Verifying Site Ownership (video)
Activating The Most Important Plugins
Design Your Site (video)
Write a Killer About Me Page
Join These Social Media Networks to Build Your Brand

Module 4: Build Your Email List

Email Marketing 101
How to Launch an Email Newsletter
How to Add Opt-in Forms to Your Blog
Using a Lead Magnet to Collect Emails (+ Effective Lead Magnet Ideas)
Why and How to Get Started with ConvertKit
Switching from MailChimp (or Another Provider) to ConvertKit
How to Create a ConvertKit Form
How to Set Up a Welcome Email Sequence + Sell Your Product to Your Email List
Connecting Your Form to Your Sequence (+ Setting Up Automation Rules in ConvertKit)
Getting Your First Email Subscribers

Module 5: Optimize Your Blog

Get Google to Index Your New WordPress Site Quickly
Set Up Google Analytics (video)
Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
On-page SEO: How to Write Content That Ranks
How to Interlink Your Blog Posts to Boost SEO and Increase Traffic
How to Make Your Site Load Fast
The Plugins and Tools That Will Help Rank Your Blog Higher
Pinterest SEO

Module 6: Make Your Site Popular

Growing Your Website: Overview
The 6 Types of Website Traffic
6 Proven Ways to Bring Organic Traffic to Your Blog
What is Domain Authority and How to Increase Yours
Finding Popular Topics for Your First 20 Blog Posts and Beyond
Making Your Content Unique: 7 Tips for Writing Epic Articles
Your Guide to Cornerstone Content: How to Create Popular Blog Posts
How to Write Lists and How-tos People Actually Read
17 Things to Do After You Write a Blog Post to Make It Go Viral
How to Update Old Blog Posts to Increase The Earning Potential of Your Blog
Growing Your Business by Forming Relationships
How to Guest Post Successfully
How to Find Guest Bloggers and Get Free Content

Module 7: Make Money Blogging

How Blogs Make Money: An Overview of The 4 Best Monetization Methods 
Examples of Bloggers Earning More Than $100K/Month
The Importance of Getting Started with 1 Monetization Strategy

1. An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
1.2 The Secret to Being a Successful Affiliate Marketer
1.3 Choosing Your Top Products 
1.4 Join Your First Affiliate Program
1.5 Top 13 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products Without Being Salesy
1.6 Avoid These 12 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes
1.7 How to Write Content for Affiliate Marketing

2. How to Earn Money with Ads 
2.1 Optimizing Your Site to Increase Ad Revenue

3. What Are Sponsored Blog Posts and How Do They Work
3.1 How Much Can You Make with Sponsorships
3.2 The Challenges of Earning from Blog Sponsorships 
3.3 How I Started Making Money with Sponsored Posts
3.4 21 Places Online to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities
3.5 How to Find and Pitch Brands The Right Way: 4 Strategies for Success
3.6 Creating A Media Kit and Page for Sponsors That Sell
3.7 How to Make Your Site Attractive to Charge More for Sponsored Posts

4. Why You Should Create and Sell Your Own Products
4.1 How to Remove The Barriers to Launching Your First Product & Validate Your Idea
4.2 Top 21 Platforms to Sell Digital Products Online
4.3 Things to Consider Before Building Your First Product
4.4 11 Digital Product Ideas That Have High Earning Potential
4.5 How to Write Your First eBook in Less Than 30 Days
4.6 Ready to Publish: The Exact Formula for Editing and Formatting Your Book
4.7 The 6 Elements of a Successful Paid Online Course
4.8 How to Create and Sell a Course with Teachable: Step-by-Step Tutorial
4.9 Strategies for Making Thousands of Dollars with Your Products
4.10 Ways to Promote Your Products on Your Blog

Writing Blog Posts That Generate Money: A Step-by-Step Guide
Bonus Blog Monetization Method: Using Your Blog to Start and Grow a Freelance Business

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