Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog and Grow It

How to Turn Your Passion for Vaping into a Profitable Business

Starting a blog is so exciting, but imagine having one that’s going to get you money – lots of money.

Some people may not know how to start this journey. It’s actually quite easy, and we’re here to show you that. You can always read more on OnlineDimes.

Take a look at the stats

Traffic is important – traffic will make you famous.

Even if you don’t do major things, you can still earn money – that, if people do share your articles. That’s why it’s important to check the traffic and the stats.

There are four steps to take into account when it comes to creating your own blog: find hosting, create the actual site then customize it, write good content, then promote it.

We recommend going for Bluehost, as it’s easy to use and it’s also cheap. It’s good to go for the $3.95 plan.

What’s interesting is also the fact that they will allow free migration if you’re not happy with their services. But the other plans have marketing extras.

After you found your hosting, you need to choose a domain name.

You need to really think this through because you cannot change it afterward.

Also, think about this: if you want to have huge amounts of traffic, then you need to make it brand-worth. Go for something funny, or weird – something that will make people remember it easily.

After you’re done with it, you’ll be asked to select the payment plan and to put the rest of the details. The next page comes with different options – take a look at domain privacy.

starting a blog free course

 Installing WordPress

As a given, Bluehost will get WordPress for you.

What you should do is create a proper password, then choose a theme for your website. You can change it later if you don’t like it.

Then, you’re going to get to a screen that says “Start Building”.

After you press on it, you’ll have to launch the site. Now you have to name the blog, then click on “Next Step”, and that’s pretty much it.

Getting the traffic that you want

What we’re about to talk next is a free method that is useful and easy to follow. And we guarantee it’s going to give you the traffic you need. We’re talking about small volume keywords

When people write articles, they use a specific keyword. But others choose to use multiple small volume keywords that will leave the backlinks.

Choose the ones with small search volume – 300 a month should do it.

Because if you choose 5 of those with 300 searches per month, then you’ll get 1500 per month. That, only for one article. If you go with this method for more articles, imagine the traffic.

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