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  • Freelancer vs Blogger vs Course Creator: Which Business Model is Right for You?

    Freelancer vs Blogger vs Course Creator: Which Business Model is Right for You?

    Welcome to another episode of the podcast. I’m so excited for the topic I’m covering today because it will help almost anyone out there interested in business.

    I will discuss the pros and cons and anything in-between about the 3 business models I’ve tried. It will all come from experience, you’ll learn exactly why I switched from one to another, what my current goals are and what I’m leaving behind, what I loved about each of these types of business over the years and how it completed the stage of life I was in, what happens when you want to outgrow it because a change in business models requires a change in mindset and workflow, and more.

    So whether you’re thinking of becoming a freelancer, blogger or course creator, are transitioning from one to another, or are just curious about my experience with these, you’ll get a lot from this episode.

    Show Notes:

    [05:01] My first business model and why it was the only one that made sense for me back then
    [06:11] The exact steps I took to start earning as a freelancer
    [06:59] Why I was okay with being underpaid and how I increased that income
    [8:36] Why I couldn’t do any more client work, and what I wanted instead
    [10:15] Why blogging is my jam and what it actually means to be a blogger
    [11:50] My take on the blogging industry
    [14:40] What I love the most about blogging, and which income stream is my main focus now
    [16:17] What I do before transitioning to a new business model
    [18:24] The story of my signature course
    [20:59] The mindset shifts that come with an online course business

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    I’m curious: What’s something new you learned from this episode?
    Share it on Instagram Stories and tag me @letsreachsuccess so I can see and respond.

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