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  • Cure Depression with a Writing Morning Ritual

    how to cure depression by writing in the morning, keeping morning pages

    What if you could cure depression just by writing for a few minutes each morning? After all, it’s just a pleasant activity that takes no time, but which can make you less anxious, stressed and negative over time. That’s absolutely possible. Depression comes in many forms. And it’s never good. But we can take control […]


  • 7 Awesome Benefits of Getting More Sleep

    benefits of getting more sleep

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 18 to 64 needs at least seven to nine hours of sleep every day. Unfortunately, most adults are unable to get the recommended sleep for variety of reasons such as finishing a deadline or a crying baby next door. In case you rarely visit dreamland, here are […]


  • 5 Old But Gold Habits You Should Come Back To

    We usually want to get rid of bad habits and work a lot on replacing them with good ones. But there are some that are just forgotten, which technology has replaced, or that just aren’t cool enough for people to pay any attention to. In this post I’ll remind you of some of them that […]


  • Top 12 Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

    living a minimalist lifestyle

    Minimalism gives importance to need and discard. This saves us from getting our lives tangled in a web of complications and frustrations. Wondering how? Advertising has become that devil which implants ideas in our mind regarding consumption of goods and services which at the end of the day we can easily do without. Do you […]


  • 10 Essential Zen Habits to Start This Year

    zen habits

    Let’s make this year full of joy, mindfulness, tranquility and harmony by developing the right zen habits. It’s a new year. And contrary to the many people who feel a bit depressed and upset because of that, I’m excited. Why? Well, we have the chance to improve, for a start. And instead of feeling bad […]