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  • What to Do When You Feel Lost

    The 7 Advantages of Working While Studying

    When was the last time you felt like yourself? I notice how people, including myself, often feel lost. Sometimes we just feel that everything is pointless, we lose hope and track of time and we let desperation, regrets and sadness take control. It’s an awful place to be at and getting there can have permanent […]


  • Happiness: 5 Mistakes You May Be Making


    Are you happy? That is the one and only question I ask the people I love when they are in doubt, have to make a decision, analyze their relationship, understand whether something is right for them and what they should do about it. I simply ask them if they are happy. And depending on the […]


  • 70 Signs of Spiritual Growth

    9 Practical Ways to Save Time by Doing Less

    I believe we’ve come to the time where we need to open our eyes for what’s going on around us. To see the world as it is, along with the things we usually remain blind for. I believe there is more than just the mundane life we know with its daily worries.People are sometimes too […]


  • How to Go with The Flow

    How to Work from Home Online: 5 Crucial Areas to Keep It Rewarding

    All the problems we have come from us not being okay with something and discontent with the way things (or we ourselves) are. We seek happiness in external sources (food, alcohol, other people, etc.) We don’t trust ourselves, we don’t believe we’re good enough or that we deserve a great life and are able to […]


  • 5 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life More

    slow down to enjoy life more

    What’s with the rush? Why are we always in a hurry to go somewhere and do something? We live fast. Even if we don’t do much, we manage to be busy setting goals, adding new unnecessary items to our to-do lists, aiming higher, engaging in different activities and working all the time. We end up […]


  • 8 Benefits of Fitness Other Than Shaping Your Body

    Top 5 Habits of Successful People That You Need to Adopt - benefits of fitness

    Most people start going to the gym because of the muscles they build. Others want to lose weight, get ready for the summer and create the body they’ve always wanted to have. And yes, this is possible. It happens when you take your workouts seriously, stay focused and persistent. But only after you’ve been to […]


  • On Our Way to Inner Realization

    inner realization

    We are all after something. Some call it happiness, security, a loving family, success, or prefer to find it in the face of money and luxurious life. Others turn to religion, spend their lives in loneliness, dedicate all their time and energy to art, books, sport, work or else. All these people have one thing […]


  • How to Embrace Insecurity and Live the Life You Deserve

    How to Embrace Insecurity and Live the Life You Deserve

    “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”John Allen Paulos Most people spend their lives trying to reach financial stability, to feel safe at the place they live, to have a job they won’t get fired from, to have loyal friends, a faithful partner and […]


  • 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Workout

    enjoy your workout

    If you’ve decided to improve yourself by shaping your body and getting fit, you will eventually start going to the gym. Every workout will be either hard, easy, pleasant, exhausting or else, depending on your attitude toward it. Many things can disturb you while you work out. Someone can talk you out of going to […]


  • How to Choose Less (and How it Actually Leads to Having More)

    The Journey into Non-Judgementalism and Why We Shouldn't Judge Choices Without Knowing Reasons

    Manifest plainness,  embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.Lao Tzu Less is better, and most of the time it is more. Simplicity is the origin of a happy, balanced and contented life. This lifestyle is a choice. Everyone can have it but no matter how simple it may sound (in a nutshell, you just need […]