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  • How to Embrace Insecurity and Live the Life You Deserve

    How to Embrace Insecurity and Live the Life You Deserve

    “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”John Allen Paulos Most people spend their lives trying to reach financial stability, to feel safe at the place they live, to have a job they won’t get fired from, to have loyal friends, a faithful partner and […]


  • 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Workout

    enjoy your workout

    If you’ve decided to improve yourself by shaping your body and getting fit, you will eventually start going to the gym. Every workout will be either hard, easy, pleasant, exhausting or else, depending on your attitude toward it. Many things can disturb you while you work out. Someone can talk you out of going to […]


  • How to Choose Less (and How it Actually Leads to Having More)

    The Journey into Non-Judgementalism and Why We Shouldn't Judge Choices Without Knowing Reasons

    Manifest plainness,  embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.Lao Tzu Less is better, and most of the time it is more. Simplicity is the origin of a happy, balanced and contented life. This lifestyle is a choice. Everyone can have it but no matter how simple it may sound (in a nutshell, you just need […]


  • How to Be in Harmony with Yourself

    how to stay positive in difficult times - infographic

    Peace is the highest happiness. And by being in harmony with yourself, you can welcome it in your life. Harmony is deeply connected with the balance of your mind, body and soul. As long as we can remember, we’ve always been striving for the golden mean – that state, in which we become conscious of […]