• 5 Types of College Friendships That Matter for Student Success

    5 Types of College Friendships That Matter for Student Success

    There is this idea in society that you either get to enjoy yourself or you get to be successful. The idea that you can enjoy your way to success, or have friendships that make a big difference to being successful isn’t one that most people entertain. And yet they’re dead wrong. Friendships are vitally important […]

  • The Four Elements of Strategic Communication

    Today, in the era of the Internet, information flows are as powerful as never before. Those who manage the information manage the world! In this environment, incorrect or incomplete transmission of information can do harm to your business and private life, preventing you from achieving your goals. So how to become a great strategist in […]

  • 6 Surprising Things You are Subconsciously Learning from Your Cat

    Having a pet is a great way to connect on a deeper level, feel loved, have company no matter what, and feel more comfortable at home. When we’re talking about cats, however, there’s more behind that. Here’s how having a cat changes you although you might not always be aware of that, and the valuable […]

  • Can Marriage Counseling Help Prevent Divorce

    As much as we may wish for the best outcome in love and marriage, some marriages can be quite a struggle. In a struggling marriage, one or both parties might find themselves wondering whether they should call a divorce attorney or a marriage counselor. Marriage counseling is frequently considered as an option for preventing divorce […]

  • How to Survive a Breakup and Move On: 9 Practical Tips

    Breakups can hurt even for the strongest of beings. You are not alone in this. For how could anyone not when one receives pain and rejection in return for love and care? You invest your shared dreams and aspirations and your partner shatters your edifice of dreams with few cruel words. Surely your reaction is […]

  • How to Behave in The Office: 4 Business Etiquette Tips to Follow

    Business etiquette is an important part of any professional environment, and there are many unspoken rules and procedures that employees are expected to follow while at work. To help you from committing any faux pas around your coworkers and supervisors, here are some basic business etiquette tips to keep in mind while you’re at the […]

  • The 7 Life Lessons Tinder Teaches Us About Relationships and Communication

    The 7 Life Lessons Tinder Teaches Us About Relationships and Communication -

    I believe life lessons are everywhere. And as long as we’re trying new things, learning skills, experimenting and keeping our eyes open for the wisdom in each activity (and even mistake), we can get better at most aspects of life. Dating apps are no exception. And when it comes to that, Tinder is the game […]

  • Why You Should Blog: Benefits of Blogging for Your Education

    Why I Removed 2,200 Email Subscribers from My List (and How to Clean Your Email List) - benefits of blogging - obstacles to success

    Writing an essay here and there will always be a part of your education. There is pretty much no way out of it.   I guess that even if you love writing, doing it for the sake of getting a score is simply not motivational enough. Maybe if the teacher gave you the option of […]

  • 7 Things You Can Relate to If You’re an Introvert

    How Dafina Went from 6 Figures in Debt to Being a Financially Free Personal Finance Coach - tips for online course creators

    Being an introvert has a major impact on the way you perceive the world. While extroverts adore chances to meet new people, you’re pretty happy spending time on your own. As an introvert, you probably value your privacy and even a bit of social isolation. This isn’t the only aspect of being an introvert. There […]

  • 10 Creative Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

    The term creativity is used interchangeably to describe a variety of factors in different sectors of human activity. In matters concerning language, the term requires great consideration. Hence, creativity refers to classification of skills that fashion out an idea or product. Such an outcome is original and highly valued by different cultures. According to expert […]