Choosing The Perfect Study App [Infographic]

Choosing The Perfect Study App [Infographic] -

This is a guest post by James, the managing director at Tutors Umbrella. He’s passionate about helping students in all aspects of education.

There are many applications available on the market for child education. You can find apps for note taking, studying, writing, referencing, scheduling, there are also reading material and calculation apps.

Before selecting any app, children must identify that it’s fulfilling all requirement and anything they need to enhance their knowledge and to complete their activity.

While choosing the perfect app for their children study, parents must evaluate that it will encourage the kids to engage in their studies and learn something.

To find out which app will be best for the study of their children, parents can use online network support, or read the reviews of others on how useful the app is.

  • Note taking apps.

Note ntaking apps, for example, come in all sizes and shapes. They are used by children for recording audio and recognizing handwriting. Most of them include some specific features such as OneNote, Evernote and Simplenote. Each note taking app is generally designed for children to scribble thoughts on tablets.

  • Studying and reading material apps.

Such apps include lectures of the teachers on various subjects. To never miss a detail from another lecture, students use SoundNote. It acts as an audio recorder and notepad at the same time. With this app children can store their teachers’ lectures in an audio format and visually.

  • Revision and referencing apps.

They’re great for making revision fun for the children. The most popular referencing app is Evernote Peek.

  • Exam prep and scheduling apps.

These are also considered helpful for students. They help with the preparation for certain exams, such as GMAT, MCAT, GRE and LSAT tests. For this purpose, BenchPrep is a good choice. It uses social networking-style functionality that generally allows the user to connect with fellow test takers. This app helps students to revise all the material related to their course topic, plus quizzes and much more.

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What about your experience with study apps? What’s the perfect educational app for kids?






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