What You Need to Know About Color Theory for Website Design [Infographic]

What You Need to Know About Color Theory for Website Design [Infographic]

If you own a website, have an online store, run a digital business, or are a brand that seeks attention, then you must get your website design to the next level.

While there are many improvements you can do – from getting a professional logo to creating outstanding images for social media and your blog posts – there’s one thing that can help you build a solid platform that’s easily recognized in your niche. That’s the colors you’re using. They are more powerful than you might think and can become your biggest asset.

The Role of Colors in Website Design

Each and every color evokes an emotion in the visitor. If you haven’t taken the time to choose your primary and secondary colors, to combine them effectively and to use them in the right places on your website, then you’re missing out on new leads and loyal users.

Colors impact feelings and behavior. And as a digital marketer or website owner, you need to use them more strategically.

color theory warm and cold colors

In fact, they can be a game-changer for your brand identity. With the right website color scheme, you can build trust, strengthen relationships with customers, become known in your field faster, inspire readers, encourage them to click buttons, increase your conversion rate, and more.

Color Theory: The Fundamentals

The color theory is the study about the relationships between colors. There’s a right and a wrong way to combine them, depending on the goals we want to achieve. Selecting the nuances that have a relation in the color spectrum will make your website design project stand out.

color wheel spectrum

By getting a better idea of the main principles behind the color theory, you’ll learn how to paint your website better. For example, there’s the distinction between warm and cool colors, the use of the color wheel to see which combinations work best, and more.

Understanding its basic concepts can help you on your journey to better website design. You’ll find this infographic on how to color your website effectively using the color theory quite useful when you’re creating your own website.

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