Completing Your Dissertation: 10 Strategies for Success

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This article was written by Kevin, a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience.

Writing a dissertation is not easy. If you feel stuck from time to time, then the good news is that you are not alone in this position. Many students feel just as exhausted as you do.

Writing a thesis is very time-consuming.

Arunav Sanyal said on Quora that it took him around 4 months and every weekend during three months of the summer break to complete a thesis.

Meanwhile, Megan McNames states that it took her “282 hours total. That includes 67 hours of research (lit review and user research), 60 hours of design and development, 11 hours of user testing and about 144 hours of writing and editing.” Her paper was around 110 pages, and she added that additional 30 hours went on delivering an initial proposal.

However, they all did it despite all the time it took and all the stress it brought. And so can you. All you need right now is to get through the burnout, learn how to write a thesis statement and all the other parts of a dissertation and choose a proper strategy to success.

Wondering what that might be? We have the answer, so read on to find that out!

Tips for Dissertation Writing

1. Choose your topic wisely.

Remember that you will have to spend several months (if you are a diligent student) working on this paper. In order not to end up hating every minute of writing about this topic, choose something you feel passionate about and have profound knowledge in.

2. Improve your communication with the committee and an advisor.

Communication can open many doors for you, so make sure to build bridges from the start.

Let them know that you cannot wait for weeks for their answers and that you are determined to deal with all the tasks timely. Besides, make sure you make the most out of this communication: as teachers, they have a much better idea of what you are to do. So, use their wisdom for your own good!

3. Start early.

Do not postpone until the last minute. It is better to start earlier while you still can seek assistance.

Plan your thesis writing ahead of time, and use every minute of your day for this task.

4. Find great technological solutions for this matter.

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For instance, Remember the Milk offers you to keep track of all your plans. The app is available on all devices, so you will be able to keep track of your plans at all times.

5. Learn how to speed-read.

When looking for evidence to support your ideas, you will have to read tons of different sources. So, learning how to speed-read can be a huge blessing to you.

According to the ExecuRead, it takes you around 2 minutes to finish a page in a non-technical source, and almost 6 minutes if the source contains technical explanations. This all means that if you don’t want to live in a library, speed-reading is the solution for you.

6. Research well first.

Research is the foundation of your paper. You cannot continue building if you have not build a strong foundation first. So, to know what to write about and focus on in your paper, consider studying the subject well first.

7. Stay organized.

Do not jump from one task to another, as it takes you longer to get back on track.

Wrike states that only 2% of all people are good at doing several things at once. Meanwhile, others are simply wasting their time. So, stay organized and finish one task before starting the next one.

8. Say “No” to distractions.

Practice the “gadget-free desk” hours, as they can do real wonders. For instance, an app called “Rescue Time” can track the browser time productivity.

9. Do not strive for perfection.

You need to finish the thesis, but you do not have to eat yourself up in case you feel like you could have done much better. Excellence is great but not if it drives you crazy or makes you very unhappy with the results you are achieving. Be realistic, and do not push yourself to the limits.

10. Give it some time.

Every great scholar started at the same point of writing their first dissertation. They all had their struggles, felt exhausted and faced an absolute lack of ideas for their dissertation. But they went through it, because they knew why they were doing this.

Do not try to outdo yourself and keep going at your own pace. One day you will finish this dissertation, as long as you keep moving toward it slowly but steadily.

Wrapping it all up, we would like to point out that finishing your dissertation is absolutely possible. But only if you are using the proper strategy. Use ours, and you will be surprised with the results.

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