LRS 090: What Connor McGregor Can Teach Us About Victory and Defeat

What Connor McGregor Can Teach Us About Victory and Defeat - the let's reach success podcast

Today on the show I’ll discuss the life and mindset of an athlete, and that’s Connor McGregor.

This has nothing to do with the match last week, and honestly, has little to do with MMA too. But there are some things the guy is doing pretty well that make him successful in all areas of life. And – of course – I’m interested in studying his behavior and learn from him.

By the way, that’s a pretty inspiring success story as he started from the bottom. Here’s what I mean exactly.

How Connor McGregor Started

He grew up in the suburbs of Dublin, where he was a football player. But when the family moved to another city, he started focusing on MMA. He showed some big talent in his first fight and was immediately noticed.

At 19 he quit his job as a plumber, which he hated, and took the biggest risk. He said he’ll make it as an MMA fighter and become a champion. After a few good fights in a row, he started building a name for himself in his country.

This is a rags to riches story because he was on welfare just 4 years ago.

But in 2013 signed for the UFC and began building a legacy and a personal brand like no other.

In his last match he lost, but made 30 million dollars in one game.

In the life of Connor McGregor, whose nickname is the Notorious, it’s true that there’s a woman behind every great man. He’s been together with his girlfriend for 9 years. She took care of him in his worst moments, encouraging him to become a champion when no one else believed. There she is still, and recently they had their first baby.

Let’s move onto the values and mindset of the Notorious.

Show Notes:

  • Who’s Connor McGregor and what makes his story rags to riches [0:48]
  • Why overnight success doesn’t exist [2:25]
  • On work ethic and being all in [3:13]
  • A few principles in sport that lead to success in any field [5:17]
  • The lifestyle and attitude of the Notorious [6:25]
  • Why obsession is good [7:29]


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