Tool of The Week #1: Contena – Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business

Tool of The Week #1: Contena - Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business

The resource page on Let’s Reach Success is getting bigger and bigger, as I find new tools and services almost every day that I wanna share with you.

Each serves a different purpose, some a free, others are paid. But each is something that I’ve used, or which I believe in that can help you get more done, create and run a site effectively, grow personally and learn new digital skills, optimize your sales, and earn money.

So I decided to give a shout out to one such tool weekly with a short post. It might be just what you’re looking for to finally start a blog, put a sales button on your site, find your first freelance client, outsource your first project, automate your social media channels, or else.

So to begin with, I’m presenting Contena.

I just found out about it this week and it’s for freelance writers – like me.

What Can Contena Do for Freelancers?

contena - service for freelancers to start writing business review tool of the week

Contena is an awesome service for people who want to launch or expand their freelance writing business. 

Just like Upwork, and the other sites for freelancers that you might have joined to look for new gigs, this one helps you find more work.

If you’re a newbie, that’s alright. You can find your first ever client there and let that be the turning point in your career as a writer. And as you know, that can turn into your own online business over time and help you choose freedom over regular jobs.

Once you head to and create an account, you’ll be able to find gigs related to writing, editing, blogging and social media.

The categories vary from Marketing, Tech and Education to Lifestyle, Business and Health.

How Can This Be Beneficial to Your Writing Business?

For a start, this can be its foundation.

All you need is one client to pay you to do work for them, and that will mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

As you can see from my income reports, freelance writing is exactly what helped me start making money online. I live a completely different life now because of it.

Each client can then refer you to others, or assign you work regularly and thus provide you with recurring income (sweet!).

You can then create your own website and showcase your work and testimonials. This will make you look more professional and you’ll be building your expertise.

Starting a writing business isn’t a hard thing these days if you’ve got love for the craft and really want to become self-employed.

Learn more about starting a blog here, as this will be a crucial part of your journey too.

And if you’re ready to give it a go, or are already freelancing for some clients on other platforms but would like to check out a new one, join Contena.

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