The Content Marketing Trends You Should Watch Out for in 2017

This is a guest post by Jomer B. Gregorio, founder of Digital Marketing Philippines and CJG Digital Marketing.

Content marketing has emerged as one of the biggest game changers in the field of marketing following the rapid developments with the World Wide Web and the rise of social media.

Various businesses and brands have now attempted to be closer, communicate more, and present themselves as credible thought leaders within their niche so as to foster loyalty, trust, and brand growth within the market.

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Despite this, many still carry misconceptions about how content marketing works.

Contrary to layman belief, it simply isn’t enough to come up with any sort of content that is relatively related to your business, post it, and let everything fall into place.

The Content Marketing Institute points out that content marketing is a strategic marketing approach “focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

What this means is that content marketing essentially requires a strategic approach so that it is able to maximize its usability and full potential for the business.

To start off, you need to define your goals for your content marketing strategy, plus a clearly-defined audience identity that goes beyond mere demographic profiling.

In fact, it’s all about psychographics and customer behavior now. It is now important to know what they want, what their problems or concerns are, and what you can offer to them as solutions.

When successful, content marketing can be your greatest weapon in the digital marketing stream now.

Its quality adds value to your audience – a highly-important factor for driving organic traffic to your website.

Quality content that gives them something new to consume and learn from is something considered as worthwhile of their time, attention and effort spent in your website. This will more than likely translate to engagement for your content – and engagement is important for brands as this is a good sign of trust and potential loyalty among your audience and customers.

Aside from this, content marketing also allows your brand to be established as an authority within your niche.

Delivering timely and helpful content for your niche builds your brand’s image as someone that genuinely understands its market and the problems they are facing, and how the brand can help them overcome their problems and concerns.

When a brand becomes an authority, trust is fostered, and thus it can be a great influencing factor for purchasing decisions.

Having quality content also matters when it comes to your business and website’s SEO standing.

Blogs with content that pass Google’s algorithm’s standards and that are greatly connected to the brand have positive effects to the audience, the credibility of your brand, and how easy will it be for potential audiences to see you as a relevant search result for their inquiries.

Google’s updates in the recent years now take into consideration the quality of content that websites put out, and deliver the appropriate treatment based on how their algorithms deem the quality.

Over-optimized or “spammy”, keyword-ridden content that hold no real content other than to capitalize on Google’s requirements for higher SERPs position are actually penalized by Google, while high quality gives your website and its pages a stronger chance of landing higher in search results.

With the consumer markets and Google’s algorithms’ preferences ever-changing, marketing tactics, which includes content marketing, are also adapting to the changes. And while 2017 may be running its course, content marketing trends are still to be expected throughout the entire year, and with the years to come.

In this infographic, we’re looking towards eight of the biggest content marketing trends to be anticipated this year:

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