6 Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love This Christmas

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The approaching festive season is undoubtedly a time for giving and receiving. However, the gifting hand doesn’t have to only extend to family and friends. There’s no better way to say thanks to your corporate clients than with a well-thought-out gift. Even if it’s just a small gesture of appreciation for their loyalty, it’s sure to evoke a feeling of mutual respect.

But how do you know what makes an appropriate corporate gift? Are reusable coffee cups a good option? What about business card holders or key chains? Is a luxury car maybe a little too much?

Within this article, we outline six appropriate corporate gifts your clients will love.

1. Reusable Coffee Cups.

While it’s stereotypical to assume all business people are coffee drinkers, it’s a well-known fact that many of them are. That is why reusable coffee cups are an appropriate gift for your corporate clients. When 46 percent of the Australian population drink coffee, there’s every reason to assume your reusable coffee cup will be put to good use.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to head to your local retail store and buy a plain coffee thermos or mug. The best reusable coffee cups for your corporate clients are those that form part of a gift set or are branded with your business logo to show your appreciation.

2. Desk Clocks.

When time is money, and it stops for no one, a desk clock is a very fitting gift for your corporate clients. It’s fair to assume many of those who made your Christmas gift list will hold desk jobs for at least the majority of the working week.

By adding subtle branding to an elegant desk clock, your business can hold pride of place on your customer’s desk at all times. It’s clever marketing, all the while being a kind gesture at a festive time of year.

3. Pens.

In the corporate world, the pen is responsible for the making of history. After all, it’s the source of a signature at the end of an important document.

Therefore, choosing to gift your corporate customers with an elegant item such as a fountain pen is a good option. The best gift is one that is useful on a daily basis, and a pen certainly is.

4. Travel Kits.

If your clients are involved in multinational corporations, they no doubt spend plenty of time on airplanes. So a travel kit featuring computer equipment could be a very well-received gift.

These kits invariably feature charging devices, earphones, a computer mouse and even SD card adapters. Branded in your business name, it enables your company’s image to cross the globe without any effort on your part.

A simple gesture has suddenly become a form of international marketing.

5. Cheese Board Sets.

A cheese board set as a corporate gift is a recipe for success. Not only is it friendly, elegant and suitable for all clients, but it’s also exceptionally practical.

Your corporate client will appreciate you thinking outside the square. All the while providing them with something with which they can entertain their family and friends.

6. Sugary Treats.

There’s no gift more universal than a jar of sweets. Not only are they heartily appreciated by corporate clients with a sweet tooth, but they are also cost-effective and easily branded. Always opt for the bigger option to thank your clients for their custom generously.

Now’s the best time to order your corporate clients a gift. Have you decided what to purchase?

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