How Correct Posture Can Alleviate Back Pain And Improve Your Mood

How Correct Posture Can Alleviate Back Pain And Improve Your Mood

The following article is a guest post.

It’s a safe bet that you are working on your resolutions as the New Year has afforded a clean start to the masses.

While you should be readily seeking to change and improve your life regardless of what the calendar says, the New Year is an excellent opportunity to hit the reset button on many things and recommit and confirm what is most valuable and essential to your success, health, and life.

One of the ways you can adjust both your body and your overall mentality is to be mindful of your posture.

Maintaining correct posture can fix and enhance so many things, one of which is constant back pain or soreness. Another less known benefit, is an enhanced mood, more confidence, and greater positive energy.

Here’s exactly how something as seemingly inconsequential as correct posture could shift and change your day:

1. Corrects alignment.

So much of your ability to be mobile, flexible and upright is utterly contingent on your spine. When you’re hunched over or holding an incorrect posture for long periods of time, this can wreak havoc on your body.

Poor posture can wear down the surfaces of your joints and cause-specific pain, localized in the spine to take place. The joints and the ligaments in your spine don’t only have a direct cause of the pain you may be experiencing in your back, but also your hips, legs, ankles, and feet.

So many people don’t realize that their back pain and foot pain could be intrinsically related. Correct alignment will ensure that your spine doesn’t become curved in unnatural, abnormal positions.

2. Prevents fatigue.

Not only is poor posture terrible for your back and can cause aches and pains in various parts of your body, but it causes fatigue and can make you feel sleepier than usual.

When you have poor posture, the muscles in your body are forced to work overtime just to make up for the incorrect use of them. This is incredibly strenuous not just for your body, but the amount of work that it’s then forced to do impacts your mental framework.

This is often why so many individuals who work at a desk find themselves sleepy or low energy after being hunched over their keyboard for a few hours during the day.

3. Impacts future health.

While having health issues at any point in your life is something that can be unforeseen or unexpected. Individual lifestyle choices and environments can increase the likelihood of health issues arising.

Poor posture doesn’t just look unsavory, uncomfortable and sloppy. But it can also lead to serious back issues down the line, as well as constricted blood vessels and faulty nerves.

Proper posture will protect your spine from deformities and irregularities. Whether its curvature of the spine or a full spinal injury, your quality of life and health would be profoundly impacted by you failing to take proper care of your spine through correcting your posture.

4. Promotes proper breathing.

So many people do not breathe correctly. They don’t take deep enough breaths, and they don’t exhale and inhale with conviction.

This becomes an issue with the influx of stress-related conditions and anxiety in our society.

Breathing properly and specific breathing exercises do so much to help combat feelings of anxiety and restlessness. Proper posture enables your airways and lungs to be properly opened up to ensure your access to deep, plentiful breaths.

Adequate oxygen flow is essential to the cardiopulmonary system. This includes the nervous systems, tissue, and vital organs.

5. Mood enhancer.

This may be a benefit that some maybe wouldn’t guess. But it’s true, improving your posture can catapult the trajectory of your mood for the better.

Proper posture forces you to drop your shoulders, lift your chin and settle into a specific body position that is one of positivity, strength, and power.

If you’re down in the dumps, your body language typically reflects that. Your head will be angled down, body slumped, with no real energy or vibrations are coming from you. Good posture promotes the very opposite of this.

It forces you to meet the world head-on with confidence and self-assuredness. It makes your presence known and emboldens your attitude to shift toward one of light, certainty, and capability.

6. Increases your attractiveness.

This is critical if you work with different types of people and your business thrives on your likeability factor.

When you have correct posture, people are more inclined to gravitate toward you. Those who have excellent posture are commanding in a room and can assert their personality and their directional objectives more efficiently.

This is why most leaders have terrific posture and can use body language to their advantage. Displaying proper posture is a powerful and commanding way to use your body.

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