How Much Does It Cost to Eat Healthy [Infographic]

How Much Does It Cost to Eat Healthy [Infographic]

Succeeding in your chosen career is not just about having the right skills and knowledge. It is also about being physically healthy. There are jobs that are stressful and physically challenging. Therefore, you need to stay healthy to ensure that you can excel at your job.

One of the best ways for you to stay healthy is by eating healthy. It means that you should let go of processed foods or those that come in a box. You should also stop eating from fast food chains. Instead, you have to buy organic ingredients and cook them at home. You should also prefer whole foods than other options.

Your first reaction is that healthy foods are more expensive. For someone who has just started a career and is barely scraping by, going for a more practical option is a priority. Before you close your doors to healthy eating, you need to understand first its cost. You will surely change your mind later on.

Check the nutrients.

The first thing that you have to understand about healthy eating is that you are getting more nutrients.

You can easily meet your daily dietary needs as opposed to unhealthy dishes, which are mostly made of fats and chemicals. In a study conduct in Kansas and Missouri involving four families, those who have decided to go for healthier food options have received four times than that of the others. In terms of the total fat, the healthier option contains only 1/5 that of the regular choice. The average shopping cost though is slightly higher for the healthier option, which stands at $380 while it is less than $320 for the regular choice.

It might seem like a big difference, but you also have to take a look at the nutrients that you and your family are getting. By then, the few dollars difference would be no big deal.

In fact, if you are to consider the number of trips that you will have to the doctor because your body becomes unhealthy, you will end up spending more. The cost of health care these days is unbelievably high. Staying away from diseases is a must.

Look for other stores.

It is also possible that you spend more because you have limited your option to just one store. As you take a look at other options, you will realize that the same product costs a few dollars less.

You might also check out farmers or local business owners who sell products to bigger companies. Buying directly from them will save you a lot of money. You are also helping in making their business grow bigger.

In the event that the fruits that you are looking for is not in season and your kids really love them, then you can choose frozen fruits. For instance, there are pre-washed and cut strawberries that were frozen. Under the right conditions, the strawberry has an infinite life span. Its nutrients also won’t diminish. Therefore, you can choose frozen products in lieu of fresh fruit choices.

More expensive, but totally worth it.

Several studies have shown that the cost of healthy eating is slightly higher than that of regular stores. This is true especially in developed countries where the cost of living is high and the resources are not as abundant as other countries.

However, if you are to practice a healthier lifestyle and you pick the right products from the right stores, the difference in the price won’t be that big. Besides, you need to protect your health to do better at your job. Hence, it is worth the price.

Here’s an infographic showing the real cost of eating healthy:

True Cost of a Healthy Lifestyle

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