LRS 055: Creating a Lifestyle Business as a Means to an Enjoyable Life

Creating a Lifestyle Business as a Means to an Enjoyable Life

Welcome to episode 55 of the Let’s Reach Success podcast.

I couldn’t manage to make it on Thursday this week, as I usually do, because there was a lot going on around me. But it’s closely related to the topic I’ll discuss today – creating a lifestyle business.

The 2 words in that phrase describe it well enough, but I want to dig deeper into the meaning of how and why one should start his own business that’s dedicated to providing him with just enough to let him live the lifestyle of his dreams.

Because our visions for the ideal lifestyle are completely different, this means our motives and the business itself will be different too. But absolutely anyone can do this, as long as there’s a good strategy behind it, passion, consistency, initiative and a huge desire to stop living the average life and start making the most out of your days.

How is my current situation in life connected to this?

Well, just moved to Amsterdam 10 days ago. It’s my dream destination, which means it’s a big step in my lifestyle design plan.

From all the places in the world, that’s exactly where I want to continue my life, but it was the business that came first, which made all this possible.

Your motivator to become your own boss might be another thing, and that’s alright. No one said you should be leaving your home country, or even town. The point of all this is to live life on your own terms, and creating a lifestyle business is the way to go.

So let’s see what it’s all about.

Show Notes:

  • The types of people when it comes down to business, money and time [1:53]
  • What exactly is a lifestyle business [3:49]
  • Who’s such a business for and what’s different about a lifestyle business owner [6:13]
  • The low barriers to launching a lifestyle business [8:53]
  • The differences between a lifestyle business and a startup [10:36]
  • Why most startups fail [11:18]


Thanks for listening.

Glad you joined me on the podcast today.

How do you think a lifestyle business can change your life?

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