Creating a Beautiful Memorial Service

Creating a Beautiful Memorial Service

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Planning a funeral can be a very hard task. A funeral is, after all, a large social event, and they are usually put together quickly. It is often done at a time when grief consumes one’s thoughts. This makes it all that much more complicated. The following steps can help one get organized and stay on track throughout the process.

Their Wishes

The family members of those who plan ahead are blessed. Often the deceased will have left notes on what they would like their funeral to be. Follow these wishes even if they contradict with your thoughts on the subject. It is their service after all. If they haven’t gone as far as to have made special requests, they might have at least bought funeral plots. Look into this before you begin planning.

Type of Service

The person’s religion often dictates the type of service to hold. If they wished to be cremated, an urn will need to be picked out. This is often displayed on a table with a nice picture of them beside it. A more traditional service will include either an open or closed casket. Clothing will need to be chosen for the deceased. Other decisions to make in regards to the service include finding someone to officiate. If they were members of a church or synagogue, their religious leader is a fine choice. Otherwise, a local reverend or members of the family may speak.


Services are often held in a funeral home. This is a convenient option. The funeral director will walk you through each step of the preparations, and they will handle many of the jobs for you. Think about whether the service will be held locally or if travel will be involved. It is customary to have visiting hours for friends and family. This can be as simple as an open house hour before the actual funeral or as elaborate as extended greeting hours for several days leading up to the day of the service. This will depend on what the family is comfortable with as well as how many guests are expected to attend. Visiting can be done at a funeral home even if the actual service will be in a church or graveside.

Often Overlooked Details

Pictures of the deceased should be displayed for visitors to view. This can be done by using digital photo frames, a collage, or by laying family photo albums out. Asking friends and family to help contribute can make for an interesting tribute to their life. Another detail that is easy to forget is the stationary. It is customary to have memorial cards with some information about the person included. Thank you notes will also be needed for all who come, send cards, or have flowers delivered. Funeral stationery Wollongong or other manufacturers provide can be purchased online at sites like Graphic Traffic or through the funeral director.

One should keep in mind while planning a funeral that there really are no set in stone rules. Each funeral is as unique and different as the person being memorialized. As long as the service reflects their life and brings comfort to their friends and family, the event can be considered a success.

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