What Makes a Brilliant Criminal Defense Lawyer?

What Makes a Brilliant Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Many young people dream of becoming high-profile criminal defense lawyers because it seems like an exciting occupation. But few understand the incredible amount of time, education, labor, and experience that are required for a successful and effective career.

Instead of hoping for amazing success, those considering a career as a criminal defence lawyer must learn what makes the best attorneys so successful.

Here are a few insights towards what makes a brilliant criminal defense lawyer that everyone young hopeful should know.

Patience and Research

One of the most important skills any lawyer should have, no matter the practice, is the ability to thoroughly analyse documents and collect evidence to effectively present in a trial. A lawyer is nothing without a strong argument, and it’s their primary job to collect valuable information.

This is especially important for criminal defense lawyers since their client’s reputations are pending.

With intense charges against those they represent, it’s critical that a defense attorney knows how to prove their client’s innocence, and they can only do this through the evidence they present.

This can also require patience as it takes time to gather all the necessary documentation, evidence, and research.


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Organization is important prior to trial and during research. A defense attorney might have a cluttered desk due to a high volume of work, but they know where everything is.

Without a clear organization system or methodology towards building a case, a lawyer has the potential of losing track of an important detail that could save their client.

The attorney must not only be able to research and collect evidence for a fully supported case, but also be organized in their presentation of the information. Without the ability to draw clear lines between points, a defense attorney will not be able to justify the actions of their client. 


Of course, research is only half the battle; an effective criminal defense attorney also must convincingly present their evidence.

Many prosecutors with hard, fact-based evidence have lost due to a convincing defense attorney’s presentation of a loophole in the opposing argument.

A defense attorney must keep their composure in the courtroom without becoming too emotional, and implement strategies towards achieving their goals.

These are just a few aspects of what goes into presenting a case in front of a judge and sometimes an international audience.


As someone who earns a profession representing those that many might find morally irreprehensible, a successful criminal defense attorney disregards the judgment of anyone that is not ruling the case. Lawyers must not consider whether their client deserves their defence and instead must present an effective case regardless.

Criminal defense attorneys support themselves with the confidence to see an argument through the end of a trial without second-guessing or weakening from an effective prosecutor’s analysis.

These attorneys cannot afford to choke: if someone’s life is on the line, it’s their responsibility to speak for them. Therefore, this is not a job for those easily manipulated.


An attorney must be able to effectively communicate with several parties: his legal team, his client, his opposition, the jury, and the judge.

They must learn how to manage each relationship and then facilitate communication with all parties, sometimes at once.

It’s important that criminal defence attorneys foster a healthy and open relationship with their clients most of all. By getting to know them and their story, they will be able to gather as much evidence as possible for defence.

When in the courtroom, the attorney will speak with clarity and precision so that his case is communicated optimally to all parties. This is a skill that comes with years of practice and is the key towards a powerful presentation.

Invaluable Mentors

Every criminal defense lawyer starts from the bottom and works their way up towards success with the help of teachers. Sites like https://www.topcriminalqc.co.uk are resources that have prepared thousands of criminal defense lawyers for careers and is one of the UK’s top barristers.

The Whole Package

Those interested in becoming criminal defense lawyers should not assume the position is glamorous nor success guaranteed. This is a challenging occupation that requires confidence, hard work, and integrity.

Criminal defense attorneys have the ability to save lives, but this comes with years of experience that has the potential to result in brilliance.

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