Learning how to develop good habits and make them stick is one of the main reasons this blog exists.

I believe that what we repeatedly do shapes who we are and the standard of living we have in the long term. So working on our habits is crucial.

There’s a lot to be said about them – we need to learn how our brain works when it comes to ingraining a new behavior, to break bad habits and replace them with good ones, stay motivated in order to be consistent, find the momentum to start and implement a technique on how to do the habit daily.

So here’s what I’ve written so far that can help you do all that:

Build New Habits

How to Break Any Bad Habit – we can’t start with new and successful habits before ditching the old, bad ones. So here’s my book on how exactly to go through that process.

30 Ways to Build New Habits and Make Them Stick
That’s a free report consisting of all the little changes that you can make and actions you can take today that will help you start a habit and be consistent with it.

How to Start
We can’t really get anywhere if we don’t make the first step, right? But that’s also the thing people struggle with the most.
In the post I talk about the art of getting started.

The Only Way to Take Control of Your Life
Hint: It’s by taking control of your habits. Check it out to learn more.

5 Easy Steps to Ingrain a New Behavior and Make it Last
Sometimes I like summarizing things in the simplest way possible. So here’s a short reading on what to do today to start a new habit and make it stick.

Why We Can’t Change Our Habits
Most of the time we sabotage our own progress. And it’s like that with building new habits too.
Check out 5 of the main reasons why we struggle with implementing a new behavior.

The 10 Mental Habits That Will Become The Pillars of Your Success
That’s my book on the 10 habits we need to build in order to develop a powerful mindset and take control of our life.
It focuses on making a change on the inside first and reveals a process we all need to go through if we want to achieve more in life.

Morning Routines

The Morning Hustle Checklist [Free]
Learn Exactly What to Do When You Wake Up to Turn Your Passion Project into a Reality Soon

That’s one of the best habits you can develop as what you do in the first hour of your day has a big influence on everything else that happens after that.
I’ve written a lot about mornings and still have a lot to say about them, so this topic deserves a category and page of its own. Check it out.

The Beginner’s Guide to a Successful Morning Routine – my book on the topic. It covers anything you’ll need to know about becoming a morning person and kickstarting the day, every day.

Creating a Successful Evening Routine
Finishing the day successfully is as important as starting it this way. So you need to have an evening ritual that lets you relax, get stuff done, let go of the burden of today and prepare mentally for tomorrow.

25 Mini Habits That Take Less Than 5 Minutes
Starting small is a crucial step on your way to developing good habits successfully. And the easiest way is to take tiny steps, but to also do it with the help of mini habits.

Lazy Habits to Stop Doing
We’re not really lazy, we just have lazy habits. It’s the unproductive, time-wasting activities that usually take no time, are easier and faster to do and give us instant gratification.
In this post I analyze 22 of them. Being aware of what they are can also help you break them.

The Habit of Consistency
Everything that we do more than once can be called a habit. And it’s our job to make sure it’s a good one.
And so is building discipline. Learn why you can’t stay consistent and what to do to succeed the next time you try.

The Power of Keystone Habits
Some habits are more important than others because in the long term they change our whole behavior and help us build other habits.
Check out the top 7 and focus on building them first.

5 Habits I’m Doing Daily This Month
See 5 things I’ve worked on that brought me good results.

Change Your Shopping Habits
Here I talk about why we buy more than we need and how to become mindful of that and start shopping with limits.

What You Need to Know About Change and Developing Habits
Learn why small changes matter the most and what makes us fear change and how to do something about it.

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Make sure you contact me if you have another question on how to develop good habits so that I can create a post about it.

In the Resources section of the blog you can find the books that inspire me and teach me how to build better habits, and the tools and services I use to achieve better results.