LRS 064: How Digital Entrepreneur Corbett Barr Built His Online Empire

How Digital Entrepreneur Corbett Barr Built His Online Empire - the let's reach success podcast lidiya k

In today’s episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast I’ll discuss the journey of one successful entrepreneur, who made it by starting from nothing, and working his way to creating an online business that helps people, runs itself over time, and gives him the freedom he loves so much.

I love success stories like that because it’s such an inspiration to anyone working a 9 to 5, thinking how lucky online business owners and lifestyle designers are.

But it’s not like that.

Luck plays little or no role here, and that’s actually good news. Because it means that with determination, and enough hard work and a good strategy, you can free yourself from the corporate world and start doing work that matters, and which you’re actually passionate about.

The digital entrepreneur I’ll talk about today is Corbett Barr.

Let’s see how this awesome guy started, what he did right, and what it really takes to get a business off the ground, how much time we need to invest in it before we see any results, and in what ways it will change our whole life.


Show Notes:

  • Who’s Corbett Barr and what he’s working on [1:34]
  • What’s the greatest piece of wisdom he’s learned over the years [3:42]
  • The things he built a business around and the business model that works every time [5:36]
  • Why a blog alone isn’t a business, and how these two are connected [7:20]
  • What makes affiliate marketing a good way to start earning a living online, especially if you’re a beginner [8:59]
  • Why Corbett had 3 revenue streams when starting out, and what were they [11:47]


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The point of this episode is to give you the next steps on what you should learn more about and start working on, inspire you to take action upon building your own digital empire, and let Corbett Barr’s story be the motivator you needed.

What do you think about all this? Are you already making money online, and do you have plans on how to turn this into a real online business over time?

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