Direct Mail and Postcard Marketing: Definition and Advantages

What Are Direct Mail and Postcard Marketing -

Business enterprises want to connect with customers using the most efficient and cost-effective ways. From the onset, companies have been using mail service to transmit printed advertisements to targeted and potential clients.

Direct mail delivers versatile marketing materials such as brochures, catalogs, newsletters, postcards and sales letters. Postcards are very effective marketing tools to generate traffic in websites and establish sales leads.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing also called advertising mail, is a type of marketing business that makes use of postal service to transmit printed material in order to promote products or services to target audience. Postal services include delivery of ads mail as part of their function.  Direct mail marketing strategies include a wide array of services to include: advertising circulars, card applications for free trial pre-approved credit, catalogs, coupons, free newspapers, and free trial CDs.

What is postcard marketing?

Postcards are flexible, inexpensive and simple tools in direct mail marketing. The use of marketing postcards is really unlimited. Mailers used them to close sales, cultivate return to business, generate leads, or introduce new products.

Direct Mail/Postcard Marketing versus Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular alternative to direct mail marketing. However, 37 states have adopted laws on unwanted junk email.

To maintain a positive reputation, companies used marketing email for only interested customers and direct mail for all others.

Direct mail is still the best way to connect with potential customers and the public. Studies and statistics are both substantiating that direct mail is still going strong as marketing channels. Postcards can be a better option to run a campaign.

Ads in a postcard cannot be sent to targeted mailing list through the internet.

Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing from other marketing channels

1. Direct contact with customers – Using a mailing list, with the right and updated targeted mailing list is the best way to contact people who are interested in your products or services. You can utilize some variables in demography and behavior in your selection.

2. Flexibility in spending – Campaigns through direct mail allow marketers to spend the amount based on your budgets. So this remains as the most cost-effective method to send brochures, letters or postcards into the hands of customers.

3. Connect with more customers – Some potential customers with small business out there may not be computer –smart or have not started a website. The only means that mailers can reach them is through direct mail.

4. Marketing stuff delivery anytime – During special events, offices are closed so messages through the internet are impossible. As long as there is post service, all marketing information will reach customers.

Benefits of postcards

  • Mailing is at low cost.
  • An excellent way to hit only targeted mailing list.
  • Fast production and processing.
  • Requires few days to get important information to your clients.
  • Needs no extra equipment or special services.
  • Professional design services are not a necessity.

10 tips for successful direct mail marketing:

  • Create great headlines and copy
  • Encourage action; be proactive
  • Exclude “free money” claims in your ads
  • Make it personal with your name
  • Only quality materials
  • Stay within budget
  • Use appropriate contact list
  • Utilize demography for potential customers
  • Visual appeal attracts more than words
  • Write only true ads; no promises or “fine prints”
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