The 5 Dog Breeds That Shed the Most

The 5 Dog Breeds That Shed the Most

The shedding of hair in dogs is a common habit.

Some dogs shed hairs more compared with others. If you are researching to have a pet, then this information will prove beneficial. This piece of information will also make you aware if you are allergic to hair.

You can prevent the shedding of hair in your house. You need to keep your dog clean and comb them on a regular basis.

Here is the list of some dog breeds that shed the most hairs.

1. Akita

They are large dogs. The Akita comes from Japan, and has originated from the regions of mountains.

It comes with the coat that keeps it warm. The coat is thick that comes in two layers. These dogs shed their coats constantly.

2. Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees are beautiful and large dogs. They originated from Pyrenees Mountains in Spain & France.

These dogs were used to protect the livestock. To protect themselves from cold, nature has given them a thick white coat.

This breed requires maintenance.  Brush his coat on the regular basis to remove and clean dead hair. Follow this practice everyday. These dogs will not shed their hair in your house.

3. Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are lovable dogs. They are loyal, hilarious, sweet and smart.

I know that you are thinking to have this breed. You must be asking yourself ‘do Pit bulls shed? The shedding of hair is very common in this breed. The early summer and late fall are the months of pit bull shedding.

It can be very frustrating when they lose their coat. Shedding of the coat is very common in many breeds of dogs. You can follow some practices to reduce your level of frustration.

Keep your pet dog hydrated and brush him daily. If the dog is dehydrated, it can shed excess fur. The excess fur gets shed in the brush.

Change in the food habits of pit bulls is also one of the main reasons for shedding of hair. Other reasons are anxiety or stress. The pit bull pregnancy can also result in the shedding of the hair. This condition is quite normal.

4. Alaskan Husky

They are famous as the companion dog. These dogs  Canada and Alaska mushers. They were created as certain qualities were required for some jobs. The strength was required for carrying the wood logs. The stamina was required to travel for long distances. It is very common that these dogs shed their hair.

5. Alaskan Malamute

This breed used to carry heavy loads in Alaska. Their double layer thick coats keep them warm in that cold region.

The dogs have a thick and coarse coat. These breeds shed a lot.

When you are looking for a pet, then this information is important. It will help you to know about the breeds that shed hair. You can take the measures to reduce your level of frustration.

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