4 Easy Ways to Increase Referral Traffic

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Do you have a business website and are you looking for an easy way to increase its traffic? There are lots of available options that you can depend on, one of which is referral traffic.

Referral traffic is very popular for small business owners as well as bloggers.

It can offer you a stable source of traffic and it can also help you to increase your business revenue and earnings. However, you will only see results in terms of money if you have a high-traffic blog that you monetize.

For beginners, increasing referral traffic is harder, but it is not impossible for them to achieve it. Nevertheless, you can do a lot of things to increase your referral traffic. Thus, if you are interested in these things, keep reading because we will talk about on how to upsurge your referral traffic.

Let’s get started.

Ways to Increase Referral Traffic

1. Link Building

Building backlinks is very important, but you need to make sure that you’re building quality ones.

This is crucial because if you have backlinks from popular websites, there is a higher a chance that people who are visiting their site will also visit your website. As a result, your website will increase its traffic.

On the other hand, if you want to check the quality of the links, you can use a backlink analysis tool to help you decide whether the website is trusted or not.

2. Blog Commenting

Commenting on others blogs will not only help you to build quality links, but you will also provide lots of referral traffic. But it can only be attained when it’s done in the right way.

That means you need to be careful where you are commenting so that you will not look like a spammer. If done right, this can bring you more visitors, which can then be turned into sales through your funnel.

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3. Advertise on Social Media

Advertising on social media is considered one of the best ways to increase referral traffic.

In fact, there are lots of ways to make this possible since more than 30 percent of referral traffic comes from different social media platforms like Facebook.

4. Publish in Quora

Due to its growing popularity, Quora is considered one of the best places to drive referral traffic to your blog and grow your audience.

If you get involved in the discussions on this site by replying to questions with valuable insights, you are displaying your reliability as well as promoting your brand to relevant people.

What’s more, you are actually helping other people by simply answering some of their queries and some of your referrers traffic comes from them.


Again, how you are going to build and increase your referral traffic will depend on your audience as well as industry. However, the ways mentioned above are only a few of the many tips and rest assured they are all proven effective.

Either way, if you want to make sure that all your efforts will not be wasted, make sure to focus on your content marketing strategy. From boosting your social media presence to guest blogging and blog commenting, you will be able to increase referral traffic with ease and grow your blog.

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