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Being eco-friendly is a big task, but you know that the effort is worth it – especially when you know you’re helping the environment. That’s why you’ve dedicated yourself to having and doing all things eco-friendly.

It’s good to know you’re not alone on your mission, too. In fact, there a lot of organizations pledging themselves to being nice to the environment – including a wide variety of eco-friendly cruise ships.

If you’re looking forward to going on a nice trip in the near future, then we’ve got a few cruises that are designed with the earth in mind.

The Best Eco-Friendly Cruise Ships You Should Sail On

Next time you want to go on a fantastic voyage, you’ll go knowing that the cruise line is as beneficial as it is enjoyable. Read on to learn more about it.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival has been stepping up its game lately, and now they’re gearing themselves toward being more eco-friendly.

For starters, they recycle all waste gathered on-board their ships, and either incinerate it on the ship or unload it at an area designed for safe disposal on land.

When it’s time to change out things such as furniture and hardware, Carnival actually donates them to charities instead of sending them on to landfills. What’s more, they’ve actually stopped giving out plastic straws unless they’re requested.

Overall, they’re definitely taking a step in the right direction.

Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises is doing well in its own attempt to reduce waste and be friendly to the environment. Firstly, Crystal has modified its purchasing policy so it can buy its items in bulk, which will help to reduce the amount of packaging waste.

To add to that, Crystal has its employees go through a mandatory training program that emphasizes green thinking, with other optional programs available for them to take.

The cruise line has also placed emphasis on low-flow showers, energy-efficient lighting, water filtration systems, and eco-friendly dry cleaning. Not a bad job at all, if you ask us!

Hurtigruten Cruise Lines

Hurtigruten Cruise Lines decided to take things a step further than the others. They didn’t just want to modify their already existing cruise line; they wanted to completely redo it.

Enter the MS Roald Amundsen. Named after the legendary explorer Roald Amundsen, this ship was created from the ground up to be completely eco-friendly.

From the way it’s powered by electricity, to the hybrid engine, to the entire hull being environmentally friendly, this ship is definitely setting the standard for what’s to come in our (earth-friendly) future.

Now that you know which cruise lines are about the eco-friendly lifestyle, you can finally start planning to explore for your next adventure.

For a Greener Tomorrow

We all look forward to a day when people everywhere are eco-friendly. Until that day, we’ll be here working towards making it happen.

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If you're looking forward to going on a nice trip in the near future, then we've got a few cruises that are designed with the earth in mind. #cruiseship #ecofriendlytravel #greentravel #traveltips #cruising