3 Ways to Effectively Limit Access to Your Parking Lot

3 Ways To Effectively Limit Access To Your Parking Lot

Not all areas of a building are meant to be accessible by any person who walks through the door. By the same token, parking lots are meant to be secure in some buildings, and only vehicles with proper access should be permitted to enter.

However, that is not always as easy as it sounds.

Absent barriers and other methods of keeping cars and trucks out of certain areas, parking lots are often considered to be a free for all in many respects. This is obviously not what many businesses and organizations want, so continue reading to learn about three effective ways of limiting access to your parking lot.

Hire Round the Clock Security

There are times when you might want to hire round the clock security to patrol the entrance to certain areas of your parking lot. This human presence tends to serve as an effective deterrent to unauthorized vehicles. At the same time, people parking in the facility will tend to feel safer knowing that a guard is on the premises at all times.

But one drawback of this that must be taken into account is the expense. Salaries and benefits alone may be cost prohibitive for many companies, meaning that other options may need to be considered as well.

Install an Access System

Putting up a physical barrier that requires some type of validating credential before being able to enter a certain section of the parking lot can prove quite effective. There are many types of parking access control systems to choose from within the marketplace today, ParkingBoxx is one example.These systems range from automatic arms that swing up, to full-fledged gates that lock behind an authorized vehicle.

Begin by taking a look at the possible options that are available in your area and then work towards getting the right product for you installed and operational.

Assign Spaces

If you have an issue with important personnel not having a place to park when they arrive at the building, it might be time to assign spaces. While this might not address a security issue, it can help you by allocating parking spaces to the individuals that need them the most. People are not likely to park in a spot that is clearly labeled as being reserved for another individual.

These three tips will help you begin to bring increased safety and security to your parking lot. This becomes even more critical as you begin to grow.

You need to have a way to minimize access to certain areas of your facility, and this begins with your parking lot. Make sure that you and your employees are well protected by spending some time of the front end to get every aspect of your parking structure under control.

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