LRS 041: What Are The Elements of Happiness

What Are The Elements of Happiness - The Let's Reach Success Podcast by Lidiya K

Welcome to episode 41 of the Let’s Reach Success podcast. Today I’ll talk about the elements of happiness.

Too many people seem to be defining it the wrong way. They look for happiness in outer sources, think they need to deserve it and consider life unfair, wait for it to come to them without taking action, or else.

All that is a wrong approach. Truth is, happiness is already here and it is waiting for you to embrace it.

It’s a matter of choice, really. You don’t need to give anything, but to eliminate things from your life. These are the mental barriers like fears, doubts, expectations and other negative emotions that prevent you from being happy. Once you let go of anything like that, you’ll be left with joy and peace and will be contented without having to do or change anything about your life or yourself.

So, let’s talk about the elements of happiness so that you can understand the formula to becoming truly happy in all areas of life.

Show Notes:

  • What happiness really is [1:30]
  • Practical steps on how to practice gratitude [3:18]
  • A peaceful solution to living more simply and happily [6:11]
  • The connection between compassion and happiness [9:08]
  • The importance of doing things you enjoy [11:44]
  • A choice you’re making at every moment [13:38]
  • The final element of happiness [15:50]


Action Steps:

  1. Practice gratitude.
  2. Go with the flow.
  3. Be compassionate.
  4. Be kind and do good.
  5. Give and share.
  6. Find your passion and start doing what you love.
  7. Always be positive.
  8. Learn to let go.

What is happiness?

It is to be satisfied with what you have, to accept things without trying to force them and change the consequences, to find beauty in anything and to want to share these feelings with others.

It’s a state you can reach right now, without having to move, do or say anything. You just need to realize, to understand how perfect things are, to count your blessings, to breathe deeply with a smile, look around and experience what you see.

Happiness is an inner state, it’s your birthright, it’s easy and simple and requires just a little change in your mindset and the way you look at things.

Also, it’s a habit. It’s practiced by repeated actions and soon you’ll do it on autopilot.

Happiness is right here, at this very moment. It’s in you, and everywhere around you. It’s in the things you love doing, in the things you have but take for granted, in being kind to others and sharing what you have.

To some extent, happiness is salvation. An escape from everything negative, harmful, depressing, complex and unpleasant just by leaving it behind and replacing it for joy, contentment and peace.

Last but not least, happiness is the ultimate freedom. It’s a place where you let go of worries, past and future, anger, fears and regrets. You will have done that simply because all these negative emotions are meaningless.

But if you ask me, the best way to describe happiness is once you’ve felt it with every cell of your body. And most importantly, once you’re familiar with the elements of happiness.

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Which of the elements of happiness are you after in life right now?

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