The How, What and Why of Entering the Airline Industry

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The following article is a guest post.

Airports are the veins of any city.

Delivering frontline security and operations, not to mention consistent service communication!

In no industry will you be exposed to thousands of people daily of all nationalities and walks of life, and be responsible for their safety.

If you are still reading and the challenge excites you, explore the how, why and what’s of the intricate airline industry.

How do I get started?

Your local airport has a standard to uphold and maintain in the eyes of the city and visiting guests. As such, recruitment is an arduous process but there is certainly a role for everyone.

Give your application an immediate edge by exploring a diploma in airport operations management so that you can hit the ground running, or flying as it were, when you are placed in your desired role.

The courses commence at different times of the year, so there are regular intakes accommodating this popular industry.

Most roles will require a qualification, and a specific course in airline industry will expedite your application.

Also look at your experience and previous jobs. They want to see that you have worked in similar roles and can carry out the strict safety protocols while maintaining company presentation standards and customer service policies.

In conjunction with studying your diploma, get acquainted with industry publications to start thinking like a airline professional and to hear from industry leaders.

Like all jobs, your employer wants to see and hear your passion so live and breathe all things flying to give your application profile.

What roles are available in the airline industry ?

Chances are, if you are considering the airport industry, you are an all rounder.

However, there are specific roles with varied scopes that make up a dynamic airport operations team.

Generally speaking, there are 3 departments which make up the airport industry; Airside Operations, Terminal and Landside Operations and Airport Business Operations.

Airside operations are based by the aircraft and in the terminals tasked with safety management, emergency management and upholding and enhancing the safety performance indicators of airline operations and the environment.

Terminal and landside operations are frontline service staff dealing with passengers, baggage and overall customer experience management. Airport Business Operations work behind the scenes deciding on strategy, planning and coordinating the economic side of the business.

Within these three umbrella departments there are several roles which make up the team, start looking on your local job search websites and get a feel for what’s out there and compare roles with your skillset.

Why airports?

Airports call for impeccable presentation and very strict rules and restrictions. But don’t be fooled into thinking you are only the face of the airport, because you will be expected to be a part of agile operations and thorough security management of a large airport team.

The qualities that airport workers all share in common are; pride in their city, strong organizational and project management skills paired with proven people skills.

Depending on the area you want to follow, your shift times will be around the clock, inline with the nature of constant flight schedules.

Presentation is a KPI for most roles, especially if you are frontline service staff, so if you are known for making a uniform your own and backing it up with a professional attitude, then you may have found your calling.

Not many roles are afforded the same job security as there will always be a need for airports. The industry is evolving fast, and the sky’s the limit for those qualified professionals passionate about what they do.

Start your journey and make your mark in the dynamic airline and airport industry.

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