Why More Entrepreneurs Are Needed to Address Clean Water Shortage

Why More Entrepreneurs Are Needed to Address Clean Water Shortage

Water is and always will be essential to life.

Humans are made up of mostly water. Without water, humans, animals and plants will die. This issue regarding clean water shortages in various places around the globe is a pressing one. Those working in public administrative positions are struggling to find answers.

The availability of clean water has been shown by scientists to directly impact food security.

In the past, governmental policies that regulate clean water supplies and use has only focused on a portion of the problem. It is time that governments and other leaders share their information and determine true long-term solutions to this critical problem.

There have been many attempts to tackle the world’s clean water issue. While many organizations and officials have contributed money, time and labor drilling for fresh water wells in poorer countries, it should be noted that many entrepreneurs are aggressively focusing on water as well.

There are special filters to filter dirty water making it safe to drink. This filter traps viruses and bacteria that cause many waterborne diseases. Some health organizations are supporting the work that these upstart social entrepreneurs are working on.

Even in western cultures where lack of clean water is typically not a problem, there have been incidents where local water supplies have been grossly contaminated by old water pipes that leak toxic chemicals and other dangerous things into the water.

Of course, if care is not taken to ensure that these clean water supplies stay that way, the future, even in more prosperous countries, can be very dire. Environmentalists are shedding the light on some industrial practices that are ruining today’s water supplies. Whole ecosystems have died, and the result is still not known fully.

Individuals need to stay involved and push their elected officials to take a harder look at water availability, old water systems, pollution and other water-related issues.

Many individuals trying to make a difference decide to work somewhere in public administration. This field has many opportunities for developing positive environmental policies and protecting all of our natural resources including our clean water supplies. As clean water does impact our food supply, this water issue is linked to many other health and environmental issues.

If this kind of work sounds appealing, why not look into becoming part of the public administration team?

Those interested in social causes are likely to go this route when they decide on a career path. There are many exciting jobs in this widespread field where an individual can really make positive changes that will help humans and our environment.

Getting a Masters of Public Administration degree is simpler today with the flexible online degree options that many finer colleges offer. Individuals interested in finding solutions to environmental issues like a lack of clean water are urged to get involved.

There are entrepreneurs that have developed ways to make sewer water safe for consumption. Others are interested in learning more about the relationship between clean water and food security.

Women in less developed countries are often the ones that gather water each day. If these woman and girls have to travel far to do this each day, they have no time for education, cooking or earning money.

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