Entrepreneurship in 2017: A Great Way to Chase New Directions in Life

Entrepreneurship in 2017: A Great Way to Chase New Directions in Life

This is a guest post by Abi Cool, the Director of Search at Marketing Wind, and an experienced SEO Outreach expert and advertisement specialist.

Providing SEO services to hundreds of entrepreneurs showed us that in 2017 if there is one thing that’s stopping anyone from achieving their dreams, it is themselves.

With unlimited options of earnings and growth in the global industry, ranging from earning from guest posting services and content writing, to providing advanced technological solutions, all you need is an idea and a support system to help turn your idea into reality if you want to be an entrepreneur in 2017.

Entrepreneurship in 2017 is going to be a lot more than just sales and marketing. And in order to make you aware of the change, we have created a list of ways entrepreneurship will take a new direction in 2017:


With the fast-paced environment, technology has been there for years. But 2017 is going to see some breakthrough innovation in technology related start-ups.

With platform economies already rising we will see all walks of life using technology ranging from travel guide services to home based food businesses.

Anything and everything will move towards technology and innovation.

Clean Techs.

‘Save the earth and be green and clean‘ is going to be the motto of several entrepreneurs of 2017.

They will introduce clean energy related solutions such as bio-technology, renewable energy and even in food products.

Big Data.

Running a Miami SEO service, we know the importance of data for entrepreneurs.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur of 2017 then you need to familiarize yourself with big data because unless and until you know big data, you won’t be able to know the demands of your customer base.

So, utilize big data either to come up with ideas to cater the consumer base, or to grow if you are already an entrepreneur.

Don’t Give Up.

If you are an entrepreneur striving to grow, then one thing you need to know in 2017 is that 90% of the start-ups fail and yours might, too.

But the key to success is not giving up. If you want your life to go in a new direction in 2017 then you need to look at failure as an opportunity to grow and a minor set-back, not something that is stopping you.

Start-ups in 2017 are majorly going to be technology and shared economy related.

With Uber and Airbnb types of platforms seeing unparalleled success, more food businesses, and even traditional service providers are looking to introduce places that help them capitalize on the shared economy.

So if you want your life to take a new turn in 2017, it’s time to start researching your local or international consumer base and come up with ideas that can help you succeed.

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