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environment conducive to learning

This post was written by Angela Baker.

The 21st century has brought on some of the most influential changes to students’ lives. It’s easier than ever before to get involved in a new school environment, no matter where the child came from.

Teachers around the world are made aware that creating an environment conducive to learning is much more beneficial to their student’s development than a dry and cold teaching method would be.

So how can you create such an environment yourself without asking for professional help and spending time and money on it?

1. Safety and security.

Before we head into it, it’s important to know what defines an environment conducive to learning. It helps students relax and focus on work and education rather than maintaining good relations with the teacher.

In practice, children and students are much more prone to being happy and productive, rather than afraid of any punishment for failure.

If we are to have any kind of progress in teaching students something new and unexplored, making them feel safe is our number one priority.

Whether we are working on giving students writing help or doing simple tests, a safe environment will always be more conducive than any other.

2. Being equals.

Teaching has become both harder and easier with the turn of the century. Teachers no longer have to worry about getting proper literature to their students and think of ways to show them a practical exercise on campus. Everything is available on the internet, whether it’s professional writing help or a demonstration of a certain chemical element at work.

As such, learning environments have evolved into a playground where teachers and students equal more than ever before.

The only thing separating them is the fact that teachers have spent more time debating a certain niche than their younger counterparts. If we are to create classrooms conducive to learning, we need to emphasize the fact that teachers are not gods in human form – they are people who were students themselves at some point.

This creates a sense of security with the students. Offering them some hope for the future and a chance to see what they might look like in the future. Any other kind of teacher-student relation will result in lowered student results and have a negative impact on the learning environment.

3. Encouraging unorthodox methods.

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Learning has always been a subjective topic. Some people like studying in their rooms with loud music accompanying them. Others prefer public libraries and crowded spaces with little chance of losing focus. As such, an environment conducive to learning will have to approve of such learning methods.

Teachers are obliged to encourage students to seek new and exciting methods of learning and studying the age old materials that they have to go through.

One such example could be giving the students an assignment on a well-known book such as “Hobbit” or “Hunger Games”. Knowing that there are live-action adaptations out there. Some of them will watch the movie while others will turn to OKDissertations for writing help.

It will give you a greater understanding of how each student thinks, because every one of them will complete the assignment in a different way. By looking for a writing service online, for example.

This is what we call unorthodox learning methods, and it’s one of the best ways to release students from an otherwise very restrictive and by the numbers learning environment.

4. Boosting self-confidence.

The most important aspect of productive learning is making sure that students are sure of themselves. Boosting someone’s self-confidence is an entire project in itself. It’s one of the many reasons why being a good teacher is more than just knowing a lot about something.

You can work on your students’ self-confidence with public speaking exercises, outdoors games, online chat room learning or even ask them what they would like to do.

While many students are laid back and relaxed, there will always be those that need extra effort to open up to you. They would rather look for dissertation writing help online than ask you for something they might deem unimportant.

Don’t wait and make the first contact with introverted or shy students. Let them know you are a friend as well as a teacher. It’s one of the most important lessons of making an environment conducive to learning.

5. Support and feedback.

Giving feedback to a student is a double-edged sword. Some students will think they are the best writer in the world. Some will think of it objectively. While others will consider it an insult or a sign that they should give up. You should absolutely cut out both of these outcomes.

Teaching your students about what it means to be objective and how feedback can help them become better selves is an important lesson for both the teacher and the student.

Encourage a supportive and feedback-oriented environment in your classroom in order to make it conducive. It will not only change the way in which students look at you but also enable them to criticize each other without insulting or disrespecting anyone.

Teaching and being someone’s friend is a hard skill to master, but an important one for every teacher. It will take some time and experimentation in order to truly learn what type of a teacher you are – don’t be afraid of trying. Your students will always let you know if they like something about your way of teaching or not.

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If you specialize in tax accounting, you would work as a tax preparer full time or seasonally, while those working in bookkeeping are well paid whether working full time or part-time.

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If you have a track record of success or management skills, you could easily earn a hundred thousand dollars a year running a marketing department. Not only that, but online marketing degrees are highly respected since marketing and other financial degrees transfer very well online.

Human Resources

Human Resources has become far more complex over the past few years as rules and regulations that companies have to abide by exploded in number.

Hiring, firing, promotions, and training have to be done per complex procedures if you want to minimize the risk of a lawsuit. And whether it is required by state law or guidelines set by federal contracts, you have to fill out a number of reports each month, quarter and year on your workforce.

This means that working in HR is no longer something you do when you want a break from ordering office supplies. It requires training in the law, industry-specific software and procedures. If you earn an online degree in Human Resources, you’ll be eagerly sought after by many companies’ personnel departments.

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The sheer amount of money means that even free games that make money through advertising or in-game purchases have to look good, while expensive games have to offer rich visuals to keep the audience engaged.

This has led to the appearance of video game design and video game arts as its own degree program, separate from the general graphic arts. If you have this expertise, you’ll find decent paying jobs with a number of companies as well as gaming app startups. And this degree means you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning to code, either.

Not only that, but with an online degree in video game design, you could get the foundation to create your own video game development company, all from the comfort of your home.

Database Administration

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Conversely, database software has been relatively stable, and companies are seeing their stored data grow by 10% a year or more. The solution is larger and more complex databases and more database administrators.

If you earn a degree in database administration, you could work in a number of industries. Whether you’re controlling access to product data, managing customer data or mining data from the IoT, you have a good career in IT ahead of you.

And with the advent of Big Data and advanced data analytics, database administration degrees should continue to be in high demand for years to come.

All these careers have great prospects and adapt themselves very well to online education. This will not only mean that employers will be more inclined to consider you but will give you the same full spectrum of skills any traditional degree would.

Online programs range from diploma mills employers knowingly screen against to brand name universities issuing degrees equally valued by employers and employees. But many online degrees teach you skills employers will readily pay a premium for and will give you great employment opportunities.  Here are the 5 best online degrees for employment.