5 Things to Look for in a Financial Advisor for Your Business

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Are you looking for a financial advisor for your business?

If so, you’re going to want to be as thorough as possible, given that the financial advisor you choose may be responsible for the success of your business in the future.

There’s a lot to consider as well when you’re choosing. Because within the financial advisor world, a lot of people can say that they are a financial advisor, planner or coach with fairly scant qualifications.

Indeed, unless someone has gone through a chartered financial analyst program, it’s hard to know what kind of professional they are. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of five things to consider when you’re looking for a financial advisor.


As we mentioned above, it’s important that your financial advisor is correctly qualified and trained so that they are able to help you with your financial needs. Make sure that you find one who has experience in working with a business like yours as well.

Many financial advisors will advertise their qualifications on their website or on a brochure, so you can be sure about their capabilities.

You can also just ask someone what their qualifications are. And if they’re legitimate, they’ll be only too happy to share this with you.


It’s a good idea to not only look into someone’s education, but also to see what kind of work people have done after their qualification to stay up to date with the industry.

There are certain certifications and ongoing testing that people can take to ensure that they stay current, so see what your potential new financial planner has done.


You will always want to know how much your financial advisor is going to cost you, although value is really the most important element here.

Regardless – find out how your advisor is going to be compensated. Whether they are taking a client fee, a commission or a combination of the two options.

Make sure you understand how they are being paid so that the financial advisor can remain independent and keep your needs ahead of (and separate from) their own.

Also, understand if there are any ongoing fees or charges so that you’re prepared ahead of time.

Standards of care

Your financial advisor needs to be looking out for your best interests at all times. You need to know what kind of standard he is going to be offering and what they are bound by in terms of industry standards and legal requirements.

There will be certain codes of practice that your financial advisor needs to adhere to. So find out what they are liable for and what you can potentially be liable for too.

Knowing this at the start saves a whole lot of headache down the line.


Make sure you understand how you’re going to be interacting with your advisor and in what way.

If you prefer face to face interaction make sure this is something your advisor offers. Same goes if you like to email and get updates regularly. As some advisors will only offer communication on a fixed schedule and fairly infrequently.

Not all financial advisors are created equally and you need to make sure you are being as diligent as possible when you go to choose a new one. Like we said, it can be the difference between the success of your business and the potential difficulty that you face.

Make sure you follow your due diligence and find out what kind of education and qualifications they offer and make sure they’re right for you.

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