LRS 093: A Not-so-Ordinary Approach to Finding Mentors

LRS 093: A Not-so-Ordinary Approach to Finding Mentors - the let's reach success podcast

A lot has been said about finding mentors today, be it for your own personal growth, to stay consistent with a certain big life goal you’re after, or to start and grow an online business. I wanna share how I did this on today’s episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast.

I consider myself solo in this. I mean finding the passion, starting to write daily, building the right habits to focus better and have discipline in the face of distractions, making the first dollars online. Then learning a ton about internet marketing and working for years on Let’s Reach Success. After that I became location independent, traveled a bit, improved my personality and ditched social anxiety, moved to another country, and started a life there.

But truth is, I always had the support of my mother. This episode is not for her, though, although it could have been as well. It’s more about the online personalities that helped me shape the mindset necessary to make physical changes in life.

Finding mentors the smart way

And that’s what I wanna show you is possible today. All big publications online are talking about the importance of joining mastermind groups, paying mentors, meeting with people till you find the ideal one, or browsing sites to learn more about it. While that might be working for some, it’s not for everyone. Cause I had the same results simply by following the advice of people I never personally interacted with.

And that’s the beauty of the Internet. You can learn from other people’s mistakes and let their words be your motivation in daily life. Follow their life plan but personalize it. Keep them in mind while facing challenges and remind yourself how they overcame it. Simple as that. But it’s important to be an eager learner so you can find the right online personalities. Only when you feel connected to them after you’ve been following their life and business for some time, can you truly call yourself their mentee.

So that’s what I’ll cover on the show today. And I’ll also share 5 such people who played a significant role in my life and online business. It will give you an idea of how such a relationship with an online mentor is formed, and what exact aspects of it helped me in all fields of life.

Show Notes:

  • What to look for in a mentor? [2:45]
  • Another way to be mentored by the right people [5:21]
  • 2 guys that I’ve been following for years [8:52]
  • What Pat Flynn teaches me [11:17]
  • My go-to guy for marketing advice [12:35]
  • The good old Mark Manson and what I now like reading the most by him [14:00]
  • Tips from successful people on finding mentors [16:18]


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