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This book will teach you how to:

  • live a happier life by finding your passion, between so many other interests and daily activities;
  • find meaning in your days by doing what you love;
  • monetize your passion and have freedom and independence by making money from what you enjoy the most.

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This book is a proof that anyone can find their passion and even make it a permanent part of their life.

I’ve done it, so can you.

I’ll start by explaining what passion really looks like, as some confuse it with less essential stuff. But the one thing you’re born to do just feels right and makes you lose track of time, so it’s your job to figure out what that is. I’ll show you some ways to do that.

Then, we’ll move onto the actionable part, where you’ll see what it takes to turn what you love doing into your career, and not just feel like it’s your free time every day and never consider it work, but also contribute to the world by doing what you’re meant to do.

There’s also a passion test, some resources in the end on how to monetize your passion, real-life examples throughout the book on how it worked out for different people, and more.

Finding your passion is your mission in life. Don’t think you don’t deserve it. Don’t think only the lucky ones do what they love.

Instead, open your eyes today for what’s already in front of you and say yes to your 1 thing.



It’s for the ones stuck in a job they hate.

You don’t need to live this way. There’s something you’re passionate about out there, something you’re good at and can easily master. Find it, and you won’t have any regrets or be unproductive anymore.

It’s for the individuals who want to do something big with their lives.

There’s potential within you. Finding your passion and turning it into your career can help you unleash it and leave a mark.

It’s for those who lack passion in their life and are looking for meaning.

If you don’t have anything that excites you, this book can help you turn to what you love doing and finally follow the right path for you.

Also for the ones looking to build a business on their own.

Find what you’re meant to be doing with your time, invest enough effort in it, do it on the side first, and you’ll be able to create a business based on passion if you stay consistent.


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