LRS 097: First Steps with Your Brand New WordPress Site

First Steps with Your Brand New WordPress Site - the lrs podcast

This is a follow-up episode for what I covered in LRS 86. That was how to start a blog the easy way.

All this is information I’m sharing that you can find in the blogging guide that I published. There you’ll see all the steps to become a blogger, even if you knew nothing about the blogging, publishing and hosting scene before. Check it out here.

In the previous episode I told you why WordPress is the best choice for a content management system and all that it allows you to do with a few clicks, for free. You need a hosting provider so that they can store your site in their servers and make sure there’s no downtime. To also handle your traffic and let the site load as fast as possible to look good in the eyes of Google and to provide a nice experience for your visitors.

That is paid, and my recommendation is Bluehost. While there are many hosting providers out there, that’s the one I’ve been using since day one on my site. Over the years I upgraded with them as the site grew.

So, in that previous episode on starting a blog I shared the exact steps you can take to set up a Bluehost account and choose your domain name, install WordPress on it and make your site active.

Now, it’s time for what comes next. Which is the first actions that should be taken once you’ve successfully logged in your WordPress site.

How to Customize Your New WordPress Site

Show Notes:

  • First things to do when you log in and see the WordPress dashboard [2:05]
  • What are themes and how to add one for free [5:10]
  • A list of the most powerful plugins you need to install [6:41]
  • What is caching and what plugin is the best for that [10:16]
  • The most powerful SEO plugin and what it can do for you [11:30]
  • Tools to monitor your site [14:04]


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