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This post was written by Arielle Crane.

The future of work is looking pretty bright. As more and more freelancers are turning to independent work, they’re often selling two or more skills to help them stay on top.

AND CO, the freelance support system, just released a comprehensive study on the future of work that highlights the empowerment of freelancers and the workforce revolution that’s well underway. One of the more startling statistics is that 68% of the respondents say they’re happier since going independent and are using this newfound ‘freedom’ for personal fulfillment.

Check out the highlights of this study below.

For freelancers, freedom is the new wealth.

68% of the study’s respondents state they are happier now than they were before going independent, though they are reportedly feeling less financially stable.

Translation? They’re after something more than just the prospect of money.

With an improved life and an even better outlook, these freelancers are equipping themselves with the right dose of happiness they need to succeed. Especially when financial cushions aren’t always an option.

For freelancers, freedom is the new wealth.

Today’s independents are selling 2 or more skills within their careers.

AND CO defines this new type of worker as ‘slash workers’. With 61% of the people in this study claiming they now sell 2 or more skills to prospective clients.

They are aiming to gain more experience and have a vast skill set. These independent workers are taking charge of their work and happiness by indulging in their passions and focusing on gaining valuable experiences.

Today’s independents are selling 2 or more skills within their careers.

Independent together: freelancers are seeking stronger communities.

Going independent can also mean hitting some roadblocks along the way. Like getting stiffed by a client or uncertainty in steady work.

Those in this survey say they would like to see more opportunities to build a stronger community and ways to collaborate. They’d also like more resources for streamlining their business operations. So they’re able to better focus on their projects and not get bogged down with expense tracking, drafting contracts and more.

A stronger freelance community would create more unity amongst independent workers and better ways for them to collaborate and help each other out.

 freelancers are seeking stronger communities

Where do you fit in?

It’s important to understand how to navigate this type of lifestyle for both the freelancers and the employers hiring them. As more and more people are turning to independent work, we must arm ourselves with the proper tools and information to excel and cater to the independent work lifestyle.

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