The Value of Frequent Flyer Points: Ways to Accumulate FFP

The Value of Frequent Flyer Points: Ways to Accumulate FFP

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We all keep a watchful eye for our frequent flyer points greedily, hoping to stack it up with each successive flight and eventually raise it enough to book a free flight to a location of our choice.

However, most airliners such as Qantas and Virgin have rigid systems in place often times requiring you to devise a proper strategy in order to take advantage of their offerings.

Airlines are not going to make your journey to acquiring a free trip that easy and so we have provided you with a list that will help you accrue the frequent flyer points a bit faster.

Ways of accumulating Frequent Flyer Points

1. Credit card.

Choosing the right credit card can mean the difference between a free flight to your choice of location or loosing all your accumulated points to a dreaded expiry date.

Most airline credit cards have very expensive annual fees but you’re able to make up for these costs when you finally do recoup all the benefits.

When choosing an airline credit card, look out for the earning potential, redemption value and the travel benefits.

However, prepare to spend around $5000 per month on your credit card if you want to collect points worth $1000 a year.

2. Shopping at partner retailers.

You can collect FFP points by sopping at partner retailers.

For example if you shop at Woolworths, you can log into the Woolworths Rewards account and choose to “Convert to Qantas Points” to avail Qantas points.

Every $1 spent should net you 1 Woolworth point, and upon reaching 2000 Woolworth points you can avail 870 Qantas points.

We advise against using this stratagem of accumulating points since they give the worst points-per-cent value.

3. Domestic flights.

Domestic flights have better availability in seat rewards and offer better point rates than international flights.

They are often times the next best option to accrue points (besides booking expensive first class tickets) which are worth 1.5 cents per point. But prepare to book a large amount of domestic flights to get to a point where you can actually redeem a free flight.

A thousand Qantas points can be worth as much as $500 to as little as $10 depending on which stratagem you followed.

The value of each point fluctuates depending on how you have acquired them. Not all frequent flyer points are the same.

One of the worst ways to accumulate points is to use economy of business class. When you do eventually reach a certain value it will actually end-up costing you more to redeem those points than to actually book a flight to the same destination.

The value of each point can range from 1 cent all the way to 15 cents depending on how you earn each point.

Remember that frequent flyer programs are designed to take money from you rather than save you money. All the while giving you the illusion that you won something.

But following a proper stratagem using online points aggregators such as PointsBank, you can take advantage of combining all your frequent flyers points programs together.

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