LRS 069: Brand it Like Gary Vee: Tips from One of The Game-Changers in Online Branding

Brand it Like Gary Vee: Tips from One of The Game-Changers in Online Branding - the let's reach success podcast, lidiya k

I’ve talked about Gary Vaynerchuk on the show before, focusing on his early life, and what helped him become who he is today and how he got the mentality of a hustler. Today, however, I wanna focus on his branding skills.

He’s one of the most successful online brands I’ve seen, and he’s got some special principles and tips that can help anyone else get there if you’re ready to put in the time, and make social media, content creation and attention grabbing your new business goals.

If you haven’t scaled your business so far, if you still feel like no one in your niche after weeks, months or even years of trying to stand out and build a name for yourself, then you need a new approach, better techniques and someone like Gary Vee to show you how to crush it online.

Today, online presence is more important than ever.

It’s all about you, you’re the mind and the face behind your business, brand and products, and all that is one thing. If you focus on these separately, you’re missing out on a lot.

Because, as Gary likes to state, you are a brand and it’s time to put yourself out there every day, in every possible way.

Let’s see how he does it, and what we can learn about marketing and online business from him and his brand.

Show Notes:

  • How to earn the privilege of building a personal brand, and what are Gary’s main tips for that [1:48]
  • How to grab attention online [3:30]
  • Who succeeds on social media, and what to include in your daily posts [4:32]
  • Why video content is king and how to do it right [6:10]


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