LRS 044: How to Hustle Like Gary Vee

How to Hustle Like Gary Vee - The Let's Reach Success Podcast, lidiya k

In today’s episode of the Let’s Reach Success Podcast, I’ll focus on one big name in the entrepreneurial world, an Internet celebrity you must know about, the guy who builds businesses and day trades attention, who dominates social media and lives for the 24/7 grind, Gary Vee.

He grew his family wine business from 3 to 60 million dollars in a few years and at an early age. Now he’s running VaynerMedia – a successful digital agency focusing on social media.

His online persona is recognized everywhere because of the personal brand he’s build, which constantly improves so well with 2 YouTube shows, his blog, sharing content consistently on the hottest social media platforms, engaging with his audience, and talking with attitude about his businesses and the way he works that gives him all the results.

One thing is sure and he isn’t afraid to say it out loud: he’s making more money than all of us, simply because he’s working harder than all of us.

That may sound a bit cocky to those who aren’t familiar with his early life or what exactly he does, but is actually a life advice. He’s all about the hustle and encourages anyone to work harder on what they believe in and ensures that this is the only way to make it.

In today’s episode I’ll share with you where Gary Vee’s love for the hustle began, what are his values and how he’s getting shit done.

By the way, this is the first episode of the show of that kind, and there will be many more. It’s the new strategy I shared with my subscribers on Monday.

From now on (every other episode in the beginning, maybe, as the new concept takes more research and work), I’ll be talking more about the lives of some of the smartest, richest and most successful and productive people out there, as well as how the most popular brands and companies came to be.

I’ll try to study their successes and failures so that we can all apply their way of thinking and replicate their achievement, but avoid their mistakes.

So, the first game changer I’ll dedicate an episode to, is Gary Vee.

Show Notes:

  • Who’s Gary Vee and what does he do [2:46]
  • One thing he’s sure about which makes him successful [4:27]
  • Early childhood and how his difficult situation helped him become a hustler [5:13]
  • His 2 best skills and how he monetized them [5:50]
  • What was Gary Vaynerchuk like as a kid [6:27]
  • One thing he made clear to his wife from day one [7:32]
  • What he says when people ask him if he’s tired of the 24/7 grind [7:59]


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So, what do you think about hustling that hard? What can you do today to be like Gary Vee and get closer to your goals?

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