How To Get That Promotion This Year Without Working Longer Hours

How To Get That Promotion in 2017 Without Working Longer Hours

This is a guest post by G. John Cole, a digital nomad and freelance writer, specialising in leadership, digital media and personal growth.

2016 has been a tough year. Whatever your take on political developments, we’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of heroes and deal with some tough economic factors, all of which can put further strain on whatever personal issues each of us is dealing with.

You’ve continued to work hard through the good, the bad and the crazy times and perhaps not made as much progress as you’d have liked. But guess what? The new year is just around the corner.

The burst of energy and optimism that comes with the turn of the New Year is not to be underestimated.

Take this fresh start as a blank slate on which to scrawl some good intentions. With the dedication to see it through the first difficult weeks, you will soon find those good intentions have become good habits. This good daily practice will see you climb the ladder at work more surely than a sudden burst of energy aimed at getting a specific promotion.

The way that we’ve been thinking of work has been all wrong. Bosses no longer award promotions solely on the basis of quantifiable target hitting. They want to see an employee who is ready to grow into the vacant role, to fulfill its existing needs but to exceed expectations and offer innovative new solutions.

This does not suggest an employee that arrives an hour early for work on the first day of the year and stays fixed to their desk until home time. Rather, it requires a team player, someone who is going to consistently engage with colleagues, with the business itself, and with the broader ecosystem of your sector.

For starters, figure out what your company is all about. Do some research and see what the organizational goals are, and what are the most effective techniques in place to achieve them.

Figure out what your boss is about, and let him know you exist.

That means taking time to ask for feedback on what you’ve done, and insight into the ways you’re doing things. Don’t be afraid to ask about your future within the company, and your promotion prospects – just make sure you know what you’re talking about before you begin that conversation.

The best way to get that insight is to be social.

Talk to your colleagues openly – and not just the ones you think can help you. The guy on the lowest rung, or doing the most routine tasks, will have insights into the way the business is run which are totally overlooked by those above him.

A business is a complex organism, and your boss will notice if you’re able to demonstrate a clear understanding of just how it works. And anyway, meaningful interactions with those around you will make everyone’s day better!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. But if you want to hit January 1st running, you’ll need to work through the infographic below, which includes a 10-step plan to becoming the kind of person who’s going to get that promotion. Buckle down, open up – and let’s make it a happy new year.

What else can you do to get that promotion in 2017?



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