Are You Getting Paid What You’re Worth? [Plus FREE Live Training]

Are You Getting Paid What You’re Worth

If you are doing client work of some kind, you’ve struggled with this too.

It’s when you know what you have to offer, know you’re investing enough effort in it and believe you can deliver quality service, but the problem comes when it’s time to put a price on what you’re worth.

For most contract workers, or those just starting out with freelancing and finding clients, pricing is a process of guessing.

They can’t negotiate, are satisfied with less than they deserve, and are basically trading time for money.

Well, truth is the business won’t scale (and this won’t be a real business either) until you become more confident in asking to be paid based on the effort you put in doing the work.

By doing what you do, you’re helping the client. Yes, there’s enough competition out there and he can find someone who charges much less in 15 minutes or so. But only you can provide this exact result, do the work this way, and make sure it’s exactly what he needs.

If you combine that with a solid pricing process, though, things will change significantly.

A Better Way to Price Client Projects

It’s time to stop guessing what a fair price looks like, stop leaving money on the table, and – together with that – to make yourself invaluable to your existing clients and also attractive to new ones.

That can happen by a pricing system called Value-Based Pricing.

Sean McCabe is this awesome guy who has spent years building such a system for doing client work and pricing perfectly every time.

Together with a developer he was working with back then – Justin Michael – they came up with a bullet proof system for doing client work – one that solved every client problem, including three custom pricing tools that, when used together, are able to calculate the perfect price every time.

So now Sean is doing a free live training this Thursday.

Although he’s got a premium program too, he’s not going to sell it on this event. I’d highly recommend showing up as you’re bound to learn a LOT. Plus, it’s downright refreshing to see someone provide some no-strings attached value.

Here’s the link to join if you’re interested.

At Sean’s live workshop, you’ll be able to get your pricing questions answered as well, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get some free consulting.

Register for How to Stop Trading Time for Money With Value-Based Pricing

Hope to see you there, and here’s to not trading time for money anymore and breaking free from the limitations of hourly-based pricing!

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