How Getting A Tattoo Can Change You 144

How Getting A Tattoo Can Change You

This is a guest post by Victoria Hill, who writes for Progression Tattoo.

Ever think about getting a tattoo?

Millions of people have all across the world. And more and more of them take the plunge and get a tattoo every day.

Each of those individuals has a different reason for getting their tattoos. For some it is a form of expressing themselves. For others – a statement. A cultural tradition. Or a combination of these.

But no matter the reason, getting a tattoo will change your life. Here’s how:

The Art Of Self-Expression

Most tattoos here in America are a form of self-expression.

Tattoos can be just about anything you can imagine – from the image of your favorite cartoon character to your favorite poem or saying.

They can make a bold statement or simply be pleasing to look at. A tattoo is a wonderful why to release your creative side. You can proudly display your tattoo or you can place it in a more secret location.

Either way, your expression has an outlet that will enhance your life. The artwork may mean something deep to the individual, or it may just be a design that they fancied. The reason behind the individual’s choice in tattoo designs may vary but the view of the tattoo will assign meaning to it too.

Judgmental Reception

So you made the plunge and got your first tattoo, and you are thrilled.

Then your grandmother asks you, “Are you in a gang?” or “Are you a drug dealer?”, or something of the sort. You are prepared for something like that because people in her age frame are just living in different times.

The question is, are you ready for the potential employer to quietly judge you in the same way and turn you down for a job you are a perfect fit for? Or to have a mother tell her child to stay away from that tattooed freak?

There are people out there that will judge you on a preconceived notion of the stereotype.

Most people are very accepting of tattoos, but you’ll discover the surprising fact that many are not.

As a result, your perspective of the world will begin to change.

Proof Of Self-Confidence

For various reasons, being tattooed can be intimidating.

To start with, a tattoo is permanent. You need to really evaluate yourself before making a final decision because you could end up stuck with something you regret.

Tattoo removal is an option, of course, but it’s painful. It shows you are confident enough with your choice, to live with it for the rest of your life or go through the pain of having it removed.

Getting a tattoo does require you to tolerate some pain. It shows a level of self-esteem and control to go through the process. It also takes confidence to walk into a tattoo studio. There is a stereotype that is associated with individuals that frequent tattoo studios.

Your own judgments need to be set aside in order to feel comfortable in your skin and allow someone to tattoo you. You also need to be confident enough to assert what your desires are, and to pick the tattoo artist that will best be able to do what you want.

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?

The decision to get a tattoo will change your life. You will need to consider your tattoo design carefully.

Choosing a tattoo that expresses yourself is very important because it is something you will have for the rest of your life. Considering how others will view your tattoo is important too.

Judgmental people may cause unexpected difficulties for you because of their own misconceptions. Whether they are right or wrong, it will still affect you.

So whether you are confidently prepared to get a tattoo on your body or not, should be a well thought out decision.

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I got lucky. I was still working when I got my business off the ground, so I had a source of income while I was working the kinks out of my business. I did most of my work for the new business when I got home or on the weekends. I asked for a change in job responsibilities at the office so that I didn’t have as much on my plate.

This all gave me a chance to start earning money without going into debt. When it was feasible, I stopped working my regular job and transitioned into working for myself full time. It took about a year and a half.

Establish clear boundaries.


Sometimes people don’t take you seriously when you tell them that you work for yourself. They think you are always available to chat or have lunch.

I had a number of friends that would call me at all hours, assuming I was available because they wanted to talk. Granted, it was nice to have that freedom at first. But, I soon realized that if I was going to be successful, I couldn’t let those kinds of distractions interrupt my workday.

Save before you start working for yourself full time.

I was in pretty good shape when I made the transition, but looking back, a few more months with a paycheck would have been wonderful.

When you start your own business, money can be very tight. You never know what you are going to make month to month.

I had one customer that initially made up most of my revenue. That customer only paid on a quarterly basis, which meant that times were tough in between payments.

I had to spend money to build the business, which meant there wasn’t a lot left over. If I didn’t get a payment right on time, it was very difficult to deal with.

There were times when I had to ask for a loan from family members simply to pay my bills.

Reach out and build a support network.

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It can be really difficult to adjust at first. You have great days and you have terrible days. You meet goals some months, while other months you are left wondering where you went wrong.

If you make a mistake, you alone are responsible for it and your business and reputation can suffer. It is easy to feel depressed at times. You may even start to feel like you can’t handle running a business and that you made a big mistake when you left your office job.

Remember that you are not alone. All entrepreneurs have these moments, which is why it is so important to connect with others in the field.

Take time for yourself.

I had a honeymoon period of about half a year. It was really exciting to see the business get bigger. Each milestone that I met was a reason to celebrate.

However, heading into the second year, it was more difficult. I was tired. Things weren’t as exciting because they weren’t new anymore. And then, year three came along. I was done with working such long hours.

I was done with having no time off. Burnout is certainly an issue in this business, so you have to figure out how to balance your personal and your professional needs.

It took me a long time to get where I am today. I had to do a lot of research. I had to educate myself on business. I had to find an SEO expert. I had to figure out who my main competitors were and keep an eye on them. I also had to stay current with what was happening in the field so that I didn’t fall behind.

No matter how hard I worked, it seemed like I could never get caught up. Running a business is a big responsibility.

If you are interested in starting your own business, you want to set yourself up for success. Try to cut back on your living expenses. Make sure you have substantial savings. Set up an area in your home where you can work, free from distractions.

If you are married, get your spouse on board. He or she can help pay bills while you are getting your business off the ground.

Your business is only as good as you are.

Make sure you have a support system of other business professionals. These people can help you acknowledge your weaknesses, encourage you to keep moving forward and advise you on common mistakes.

You can try and go it alone, but it will be very difficult for you. As with anything else in life, your support network has a lot to do with your success. You are probably strongly invested in your business; after all, it is something that you created. Make sure you have people that you trust to help you along the way.


Grace Lee has been practicing in the field of digital marketing for several years now. She has already brought numerous sites in search engines’ first pages in search results. In her spare time, she loves listening to podcasts about Google algorithm updates and other matters related to SEO.